Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Commitment to Perfection

Today's discerning woman wants to have it all; beauty, career, man, and good social life. With a career to call her own and a hectic social calendar that's ever changing, her desires are many, her aspirations plenty. Driven by a passion to experience all that life has to offer, she continually strives to feel and look her very best.

But as every woman knows, looking good has its share of challenges. Every day, our skin battles environmental elements, stress, lifestyle habits and the natural process of ageing
all of which cause wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness, radiance, and a dull skin tone. What every woman needs is a good skincare which presents her with effective solutions for her skin problems.

I often deal with acne as the most frequent skin problem on my face. My skin-type is combination of normal and oily skin (on "T" zone). Some says it's good to have oily skin because the oil can be very useful as natural anti-ageing e.g. to prevent wrinkles rather than dry skin; of course with a good skin treatment. On the old days, my mom and aunties forbade me from using any cosmetics other than a facial wash. They said cosmetics are bad for my skin face. I was in.

Acne has been being my biggest enemy since high school. And FYI, I had undergone various treatments and went to few dermatologists to get rid of them. Unfortunately they all ended up in the same results; the acnes cannot be removed permanently.

Along with my knowledge upgrade at med-school, I have a conclusion saying Propionibacterium acnes goes hand-in-hand with the hormonal changes of puberty which result in acne.

An increased responsiveness to androgenic hormones leads to increased sebum production plus increased keratinization and desquamation in pilosebaceous ducts. Blockage of ducts turns them into sacs in which P.acnes and other members of the normal flora (e.g. micrococci, yeasts, staphylococci) multiply. P.acnes acts on sebum to form fatty acids and peptides, which together with enzymes and other substances released from bacteria and polymorphs, cause the inflammation. Comedones (blackheads in popular terminology) are greasy plugs composed of a mixture of keratin, sebum, and bacteria and capped by a layer of melanin.

The antibiotics used to treat acne are usually one of the tetracyclines, or erythromycin which includes long-term administration. Other treatments include skin care, keratolytics and, in severe cases, synthetic vitamin A derivatives such as isotretinoin. Acne can be a problem for teenagers, but often disappears in older age groups as the sebaceous follicles become less active.

Source: Medical Microbiology, updated third edition (2004); by Cedric Mims, Hazel M Dockrell, Richard V Goering, Ivan Roitt, Derek Wakelin, Mark Zuckerman

Nowadays I have a beauty kit containing basics cosmetics and skincare to protect my skin from direct sunlight, dryness, free radicals, and other damage. Here's the list.
  1. Purifying cleanser & toner No.7 (Boots)
  2. Facial wash (Radiante)
  3. Eye-repair serum concentrate (Radiante)
  4. Balancing aqua gel Daily V No.7 (Boots)
  5. Compact powder (Shiseido)
  6. Make up base SPF 8 (Faceshop)
  7. Eye shadow (Bodyshop)
  8. Blush on (Faceshop)
  9. Blush shimmer puff (Bodyshop)
  10. Lip moisture (Smackers)
  11. Lipstick - pink (Nina Ricci)
  12. Lipgloss (Nina Ricci)
  13. Oil Control Film Paper (Clean&Clear)
  14. Sunblock SPF 40 (ROC)
  15. Eye make-up remover (Bodyshop)
  16. Green tea body lotion (Ginvera)
  17. Lemongrass deodorising foot spray (Bodyshop)
Too little to fulfill the commitment of perfection!


  1. pertama kali liat.. judulnya kerennnn..!! tp lama2 koq jd pamer alat make up.. hahaha.. jkjk..

    huaa dev *bhubung lo blng boleh comment apa aja =p* gw msh kesel bgtt.. ud gt saking keselnya td kan gw iseng2 post ke blog fs gw, first post! br click post, tau2 tmn gw lgsng manggil d msn "gw liat blog lo ni".. kan gw blm siap mental.. hahaha.. jdnya gw delete aja deh itu postingan.. pdhl sbnrnya gw pngn kasih lo liattt lohh..

  2. wow. im dumbfounded. pretty much coz thats a lot of beauty supplies.

    this is gonna sound bad since i only have one facial wash and its bodyshop's tea tree oil.

    i know. i know. my face is gonna shrivel up someday. but its not really a concern of mine for the moment.

  3. well, so the acne can be caused by the bacteria? I thought it was only because of the wrong meals which contains much fat.
    Thank you for the information

  4. @karin: hehe..iseng.. wah mana?? mao liat!! posting lagi dunkz!!

    @debbie: you're so lucky to live in s'pore which has less pollution than jakarta! but still, direct sunlight isn't good for your skin face. simply use a face powder with some SPF and it'll give some protection. ;)

    @septian: you're welcome :)

  5. Ohohohoho... come and get me! Hehehe... ehe... muha... MUHAHAHAHAHA

  6. i saw yout pic in this post in eve magazine :)


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