Thursday, October 26, 2006

Missing Andrew

I’m missing my youngest brother. It’s been 9 months since he left Jakarta, Indonesia, to Melbourne, Australia, to continue his study. He was only 15 when he first arrived at Tullamarine airport, Melbourne. Currently he studies at Kingswood College and hopefully will finish his year 10 by the end of 2006.

Actually, he already pursued his high school in Jakarta. However, he was involved in a school fight against his seniors that he had to take quite serious medical treatment after the fight. It was an old story and I think he will mad at me if I divulge the details. So let’s just skip that part.

The point is my mom decided to take him out of the school on early December 2005, right before the mid-session began that my brother didn’t have his mid-report. Hence, he wasn’t able to continue his study on another school since he has no mid-report. On the other word, he had to begin his high school from the beginning and waited for next enrolment by July 2006. My mom already stressed about this school stuffs yet ordered me to find new school for my brother ASAP since she didn’t want to let him took holiday for undetermined time causing him a brain cram, LOL. Just kidding! Education is a most important thing in my family, and I’m sure to anyone else as well.

Let me continue with my school searching. I realized national school wouldn’t give any better solution other than to enroll next year, so I was looking for international school in town. My first step was MIBT on S.Parman, Slipi. I used to hear some of my friends who didn’t finish their high school and just walked in to foundation like MIBT and Uniprep as a pathway to enter university. Maybe my brother could do the same. Unfortunately, after I confirmed the terms & conditions, my brother didn’t pass the requirements. He must be at least 17 years old or has finished year 11. I talked to David, the manager. He was very nice and friendly Australian. He recommended me IPEKA High or Binus int’l school.

I went to those two, but finally decided to send my brother to Australia, since the school fee (in Jakarta) is so damn expensive; entry fee IDR 30 million, school fee IDR 10 million per 3-month pay in advance, excluding other miscellaneous fee. I thought it’s better to send him straight abroad and let him experience the language as well as its culture which he could never find it here.

My boyfriend helped me to find an agent to assist me to find a good-reputation high school in Australia until getting the student visa. If you wonder why Australia, my answer is because it’s closer to Indonesia than US and the exchange rate is cheaper than US$. Why Melbourne? Well, I have some friends in Sydney and Melbourne. But My boyfriend is in Melbourne, LOL. So Melbourne it is. No doubt. *grin*

(Thanks to Vera Budianto from Edlink and Jessy & Aretha Kakerissa from A&J Student Care Services who helped us a lot.)


  1. Aah. Which school in Melbourne? :D

    Melbourne is such a beautiful city, and it's more homey than Sydney. So there you go, another credit to you name :))

  2. @mukuge

    Kingswood College

    It mentioned above...*LOL



    masa baru 9 bulan udah di sebut2...LOL...kan jadi malu...;p

    blom juga setaun....hahahaha

  3. @marsha: yeap, Andrew has answered it. It's Kingswood College, one of int'l private school located in Box Hill suburb. Yes I agree with you. Sydney is too crowded, such a hectic city LOL.

    @andrew: hehehe...kangen abis ga ada yg bisa disuruh2 hahaha :p *hugs*

  4. gua tau tu pas makan mie dia kangen, biasa nya ada yang masakin ni ngak ada... trus jadi nya hambar lagi LOL dimulai lah dari sana LOL.....

  5. @andrew: lol so sorry... btw do you live around the box hill area or somewhere else? I used to have late night suppers around the area, a good area with lots of nice affordable food.

  6. @mukuge

    no prob...yeah i live close to box hill centro.. about 15 minutes walk from there....

    yeah its good...ASIAN FOODS...*LOL



    bentar lagi pulang ka....LOL ;p

  7. Aaah... Melbourne is splendid! I love this city. Perfect choice, Dev!
    Btw, thanks for your Lebaran greeting. I don't particularly celebrate it, but as an Indonesian, Lebaran is always special for me.

  8. Thanks Mer! Besides, I've put him in a pretty far suburb which has less Indonesians LOL.

    I don't celebrate it either, but somehow I always keen to eat Ketupat :D

  9. i used to go to school in PIBT (perth based)..cabangnya MIBT gitu..heheh..ternyata udah ada juga yaa cabangnya di jakarta...

    met kenal ya devi..make sure to comeback to my shopping blog..hehe..=)


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