Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's Getting HOT in Jakarta!

Jakarta has been very hot these days; approximately 370C (98.60F) at day and 300C (860F) in average at night. It seems that ozone’s hole is getting bigger that North Pole starts melting its ice! Even my air-con can’t beat the heat. Oh gosh, I can hardly wait for raining season coming to town. Ugh. I don’t wish to be like in sauna 24/7 for sure!

I’ll have my Lebaran* holiday for one week; from Monday to Friday next week. I haven’t figured out something to do during my holiday. My maid is going to leave by tomorrow morning, to celebrate Lebaran with her family at her hometown. Let’s see what will happen next when she’s not around. I’m not good at housework to be frank. *grin*

*Lebaran: day of celebration at the end of fasting month.



  1. dev dsini gw jg kepanasannn.. ktnya gara2 asep yg kebakaran hutan d sumatra itu.. panas bgtt, jd mls bljr deh, maonya tdr mulu..

  2. iya. bukannya di kalimantan ya? hahaha..bukannya klo panas2 jadinya malah susah tidur ya? kok lo malah tidur terus sih?! heran.. LOL

  3. Hi there! Welcome to my new blog, lets exchange links let me know, are agree, thanks :)

  4. George W. bless you devi =)

  5. Need a help for a housework Dev?

    sorry i'm bad at it too :D especially on Ironing and washing clothes better to clean a floor or bath thub than do those things

    but isn't it a nice weather for drying clothes?

  6. @avante_ray: badly! :p All I can do is washing dishes. Yeap..but's too hot to be true! hiks..

  7. Wahh..Jakarta makin panas? dan makin sepi donk skr pastinya;p

    skr dah ada planning blum dev mo ngapain seminggu ini?

  8. @lisiani: iya, uda mulai lengang, mungkin utk seminggu ini. Tapi sumpah panas bgt! Hiksss.. Blm ada rencana apa2 nih, mana pasport uda mo abis jd ga bisa jln kemana2 *sob*

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