Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Shopping

My mom and I went to Carrefour hypermarket in Duta Merlin this evening. It’s been a long time since the last time I visited hypermarket. I knew that crowd always happens due to weekend, but I truly hate this one. We intended to shop daily needs for a month at least, so we had to get a trolley for sure. Guess what, one of employees said it was running out of numbers. Gosh, how many trolleys do they have for a hypermarket that I can’t get one?

Later on, two women employees carried 3 trolleys toward us. My mom asked for one but they gave her not! One of them said that the trolleys were used to carry water gallons. What the heck?! They should’ve used appropriate trolleys instead of using customers’! (see image 4; appropriate one)

As for the result of having no trolley at all, I carried our stuffs in a basket. *sob* It was really heavy, seriously. We ended up carrying 2 baskets, since we didn’t able to take the third one.

What I feel pity upon this case is that most of employees use customer trolleys which I think its damn wrong! (see image 1,2,3)

Customers need to be prioritized, right?

P.S: Pictures are coincidently taken since I was bringing along my camera. ;)


  1. hauhauhuauhaha....u lazy bump!!!!!!

    that's just a small basket...LOL

  2. Hahaha... got what you're talking about...

    It's not only about customer service. It's actually dangerous and may cause spinal injury to the workers if they load gallon (huge and hard to maneuver) water bottles on customer trolleys (intended for items such as instant noodles and the odd sabun colek.)

    I think it's more of a case on directors-want-more-profits-so-they-won't-buy-trolleys-then-let-workers-and-customers-suffer mentality. Bad attitude is reflected in bad customer service.

    Dev, you'll make a good mystery shopper. Earn extra cash on it :p

  3. Hey, there are soo many hypermarkets in Jakarta. If that one is lousy, then just forget about it and visit another one! :)

    But you're right, great customer service culture is still a long way to go in Jakarta...


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  5. Supermarket and stuff. Hum. I almost never carry trolleys - basket all the way. Heavy but healthy, it is.

    And yeah. It seems that this weekend is bad for a lot of people. You and the supermarket incident (now you know Carrefour sucks :P), and my PC has gone RIP out on Saturday.

    Oh well. Perhaps I'll get a Core Duo in a few days. :-/

  6. @andrew: I am not! I brought one! Yeah small basket but full of items. The conclusion is still; bloody heavy!

    @mukuge: na-ah, they only take the empty gallons. Extra cash? LOL. I wish!

    @indra: hm I only know carrefour and giant. Best supermarkets I've seen so far are in SOGO and Senayan City (full of imported products). However, they cost more expensive as well. :(

    @dan: has been ripped out??? aihhh...what happened?? sorry to hear that.

  7. wah.. enak nih shopping terus, klo aku sih Mahasiswa Rantau jadi makan gak teratur. Shopping klo ada uang toq...

  8. berat ngga berat basket-nya, tetap aja itu salah si mbak2 koq ngga memberi kenyamanan u/ costumers-nya. lama2 bisa bad reputation tuh, apalagi kalo semua costumers-nya bawa2 kamera dan ngritik di blog-nya kayak Devi sang wartawan:)

  9. @ario: ga juga lagi, untung ada mama ;) hihihihi

    @mer: hahahaha, kebetulan aja lagi bawa digicam, Mer :D ga lah, masa mo jadi wartawan? mo jadi penulis biografi org2 hebat aja kyk Merlyna ;)

  10. yang bikin heran, sambil bawa belanjaan,sempet2nya foto2 pake digicam:p

  11. mmmm buanyakkkk banget belanjaan lo !!%$@#@#$@$
    pa punya na org laen [jgn2 nih..]
    wakkakkkak becanda kok gw percaya kok itu punya lo !

  12. hahaha.. gini deh kalau wartawan, semua jadi "laporan"... (mau dikirim ke media manna? :)

  13. @dhani: yoa, titipin bentar ama mamaku sayang hehehe... Beliau sangat pengertian kalo anaknya yg satu ini demen bgt poto2 ga jelas demi kepuasan pribadi! hahahaha

    @coky: itu poto mama saya yg lagi nenteng belanjaan kami :) saya nenteng yg 1 lagi, hohoho

    @la: saya bukan wartawan. lagipula ini bukan laporan, hanya berbagi2 cerita ttg acara belanja di hari sabtu :p

  14. a message from carrefour's manager on duty: "no smoking, no eating, no drinking, no picture-taking" :)

  15. RIPped out, as in Rest in Peace. Several capacitors in the mobo gave out their life. That is really suck big time. No Internet, no PC for days. Imagine eating food without any salt at all. That's my life for the past few days. :P

    On the bright side, I'm typing on my newly upgraded PC. Not much differences physically, but this thing is fast as hell. Or it better be - I had to re-install my Windows because my previous installation doesn't like this new platform so I haven't really tested it out yet - the amount I spend for a mobo, processor and video card alone cost more than an average computer in a whole. @_@

  16. @paman tyo: hihihi...

    @dan: oic, I thought it was ripped out by thieves since I didn't able to contact you by sms few days ago. I was like "geez..did he lose his mobile as well?" LOL. ciee ciee suit suit..ada maenan baru nih yee :P hehehe

  17. di carrefour tuh? ck ck ck.. gimana yang lainnya? :p

  18. You texted me? Weird because I don't receive it. Oh well. Blame it on Bush! :D

  19. i always prefer to carry a basket over a trolley. trolley is much more difficult to control, especially if the aisle is too small. and since i don't have a car here, carrying a basket is like the best way to know when i should stop adding more stuffs. otherwise, bisa empot-empotan kaleee pas jalan pulang... hikhikhik..

  20. Loucee the Worldwide Supermarket Authority. All right! :D

  21. @hengky: kebetulan aja kali yah. yg laen ndak tau hehehe

    @dan: yup, sempet miscal juga cuma tut-tut-tut! makanya kirain tuh hp raib! LOL

    @loucee: yeap but this is family shopping, bukan individual kyk loucee & laurent hihihi...jadi belanjanya mesti byk :s jd trolley sgt diperlukan hiks*..

    @d: LOL yup2.. I've read your posting about supermarket around the world, louc.. love it!

  22. huihihihi..
    sempet gituuhh, blanja sambil poto poto.. baguuuusss.....


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