Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Moment of Reflection

Today is the day that endorses my 20 years of age in mother earth. In my humble opinion, birthday is not always about the party or any expensive celebration. I have had that kind of party on my 17th birthday and I think I already had enough.

I suggest this is the time when I have to reflect my life all these years. What have I achieved so far? I think I don’t have any to be proud of. Why? Because most of the time, I always fail to conquer myself;

  • I easily get cranky when things are not like what I expected. High-tempered; you may put it that way.
  • I often run from my problem instead of face it and get a solution of mistakes I’ve done.
  • I’m lack of patience.
  • I’m afraid to lose yet I often get jealous with others.
  • I’m (quite) vindictive. *sigh*

I’m far away from perfection.

Fortunately, I’m not alone. I have family and friends who always give me the great supports I have ever had, find and guide me when I walk on a wrong way, raise me up when I was fall, cheer me when I was sad; they always there for me. They are all God’s gifts to me. And I’m really grateful for that.

This is a tribute to my magical beans…

  • My Family.

My mom (I don’t have any idea what would I do with my life without you), my brothers (meskipun maksudnya baik biar jadi ‘bodyguard’ buat kakak cewek satu-satunya ini, tapi tetep aja rese deh lo berdua buntutin orang pacaran! Hahahaha), Opa (yang di usianya yang sudah 70 tahun lebih, masih bersedia anterin saya ke sekolah di saat mama tidak bisa mengantar dan memberikan mesin tik tuanya untuk mendukung hobi menulis saya sebelum saya mempunyai komputer), Oma (inget banget deh pas masih kecil sering dijagain trus dikuncirin rambutnya sebelum berangkat ke sekolah), and Engkong (who never stops to give me advices again and again). Not to forget about my late father and grandparents; Nini & Opung, you are always in my prayer.

  • My Friends.

Winda (my closest friend since primary school), Karina (yang selalu tahan dengan celaan saya), Sabine (yang rumahnya selalu jadi tempat menginap ketika ujian), Novi (yang sering bertukar bekal dengan saya di kampus dan juga temen chit-chat pas kelasnya membosankan, hahaha), Abas (yang selalu bisa membuat saya tertawa), Venty (si super sabar yang hobi belajar), Ferda (si pelit yang sudah mulai boros buat belanja), Shelly (si jangkung yang punya potensi jadi model), Adeline (she’s all that, I envy her!), Icha (yang mengenalkan saya dengan mirc), Bim (yang selalu saya repotin jika sesuatu terjadi pada komputer saya), and many more. I’m very sorry if I forget to mention your name here. So many good friends around me and I really appreciate it. I’ve learnt many things giving meanings of my life.

  • My Gurus and Inspiring People.

…are people influencing me in formal and informal education, technology, yet convincing me that life itself is a learning process. In junior high: Mr. Dwi Sapta Nugroho, Mr. Antonius Tumidjo. In senior high: Ms. Alma, Ms. Dewi, Ms. Yuli, Sr. Francesco. Private teachers: Hengky Harmita (mastering Math, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, English, and French), Eric (who always makes my English essays full of red marks), Mr. Jon, and Mrs. Henny W. Salindeho. Thanks a lot for your patience and supports to help me filling my empty brain and raising my insatiable desire of knowledge.

Along with my growing numbers of ages, I surely have a wish. A lot of wishes, to be honest. But the most important thing of all; I really wish to change. To be a better person; a better me. And I need your help and support for sure. May God fulfill my wish.

P.S: Surprise! My hunny was the first person to wish me a happy birthday on 12.03 AM. Who’s next? :p


  1. You have magic beans? Can anyone eat a magic beans? Can I have one?

  2. Happy Birthday to You. May all your wishes come true =)

  3. Happy Birthday Devi!
    May all your wishes come true.

  4. Happy Birthday yaaaaaaa

    may all ur wishes come tru...


    sebenernnya tadi malem gua juga begadang mao kasi selamat duluan....tapi ketidurannnnnnnn


    gua baru inget lagi pas buka blog elo lagi....

    selamat ulang tahun ya kaka kuuuuuuuuuu LOL ^^v

  5. yuhuuu..
    happy birthday dev..

    wish u all the best alwayz..
    may u succeed in every step u make in achieving ur dreams.. *special wish for u since i know ure a girl wif lotz of ambitions n goals =p*

    have a nice birthday..
    'n cheers to our friendship =)

  6. Thank you very much everyone :)

    @karina: thanks ya, friends forever! ;)

  7. cool met ultah ya..

  8. wew itu si opa salah masukin lo

    si opa kan mao 80 tahun...koq lo tulis hampir 70 ???

    wakakakkaka dudud

  9. @andrew: oiya salah! lupa hehe.. changed!

  10. Hey Dev...
    happy Belated bday yah! haha sorry i missed it by 2 days... May all ur wishes come true.. and dun forget to be happy as always :D

    yea i totally agree with u that having family and friends is the most wonderful blessing in our life :D

    okies... take care :)

  11. happy b-dae devi! wish all the best to you :)

  12. hi devi... my new friend..
    happy birthday yaaaa... thx dah visit blog gue, you have beautiful blog!!!


  13. haaa,... sma-mu di ursula kaahh?? ^^ Ibu Alma itu guru OR itu bukan??.. Sr. Francesco sih udah jelas streng =P ... SDku di situ =P

  14. eh2 maaf2.. now u can hit me for this.. SELAMAT ULTAAHH!!! ~ 20 yaah hehehe keren2x.. =P ---selisih 4 taon kalo gitu--- WAKAKAKA =P

  15. @pengamat: iya di sanur :) iya bener, bu Alma itu guru OR, tapi skrg uda pindah ke binus high :( pengamat ini 4 taon lebih tua? :p

  16. My dear Devi, happy birthday! (it's still 23:54 at where I live.) Wish you patience, perseverance, humility and wisdom for years to come. Through these, I pray you may turn into a beautiful woman who fulfils all her potentials, and have all the best and loveliest things in her life.


  17. @mukuge: thanks Marsh (for a nice wishing)! Hopefully I will be one, someday in the future. :)

  18. hehehe... the opposite!~ (Cici!) =P ooo dia pindah ke binus toh =P ... hahaha... okai okaii.. Met ultah lagi deh =P ...

  19. Happy Birthday Devi. Wish you all the best.

    say say, too late to safe what not ya ?
    (ngomong-ngomong, terlalu terlambat untuk menyelamati atau nggak ya?)

  20. @pengamat: LOL. masih kecil donk :p hehe...thanks ya..masih sma di sanur? namanya sapa? klo sweet 17 party2 undang2 ya!! hihihihi...

    @bank al: well it's still my month anyway. Thanks yo! :)

  21. hehehe... masih kecil hahaha :p umm.. aku ngetawain apa tadi?? ^)__(^ hahaha.. ya yaa.. umm.. sayangnya ngga tuh.. aku di ostrali =P ... [sebel!!!]

  22. Wah kok di ostrali sih? Gpp deh, makan2 bisa nyusul :p hehehe... Namanya sapa tah?


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