Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So-called Chaos

I was opening my e-mail today and read my today's horoscope unintentionally.
This could be a frustrating day for you, dear Virgo, if you insist on having things done your way. More than likely, this attitude will create more enemies than friends. Give your mind a break and let your intuition take over. Chances are, the less you have to think about a decision, the better a decision it will be. Over-analyzing the situation will only prove to be a waste of time for everyone involved. The answer is pure and simple.
Ok, I'm frustrated. So depressed that I have insomnia almost every night. I suppose you already reckon a bit of my personality from my past postings about my neighborhood and the crowd of Jakarta. And in addition, about the future of my education.

I have to admit that I always compare my life to another (which is happened to be prettier, slimmer, luckier, smarter, whatsoever) yet making my life so convoluted! The dilemma of my future life; Am I going to be successful MD? How long does it take to be one? Would my husband allow me to be a career-woman? Argh, I know it sounds ridiculous, regarding how old I am now, but trust me, I am a long-term-planning person that I won't do useless things without prior vision. The fact that I really despise the system of this country; the lack of law enforcement (which ends up to be anarchist and load of crimes), city's lay-out (busway, monorail, MRT? perhaps, without thinking how many times some areas are sinking during rainy season hence crying help to the government to make watersheds instead of making those monorails!), making me desirely want to go overseas in order to have a better living.

Poor me, my campus' system is not even better. As the only faculty in Pluit Campus of Atma Jaya University, I think we are abandoned. The free internet facilities at library are far away from what-I-call standard of an expensive medical faculty. The parking area is not enough (read: too narrow) to accommodate all students. And this morning, I had an argument with security parking officer about my obligation to pay the parking fee.

Regularly, I have to buy a parking sticker (it costs IDR 150,000) that valids for 6 months to free me from daily parking fee (IDR 1,500 per entry). Yes, currently it has expired since August 1, 2006, but yesterday I listened to Students' Representatives gave breaking news about reconstruction of PUSLITKES building (part of my campus) that will make our parking areas more limited, therefore my kind-of-parking-sticker is given extention for its validation until the end of 2007. I was so happy....until this morning.

The security parking officer stopped my car and asked me to pay. Of course I refused. I told him that my sticker is still valid. However, he said that his head officer hasn't yet received the announcement. Huh! Didn't want to go for further debate, I gave him the money (and swore at him; F*CK!). Blame the system! Miscommunication? Yeah right...!!! I'm not alone, some of friends already submitted their complains to campus officer.

Yesterday my brother told me about the existence of Motorbikers Gang in Jakarta getting worst. He read some information that the gang is conquering main road in hundreds of motorbikes around midnight and not hesitate to have fights with other road users. Pay attention! Because the police officers seem to be afraid of them. (No wonders, who dare to face hundreds people when you are by yourself? Stop thinking about Superman!)

Road rage are no longer secrets. But fireguns are easily to have for public? Ouch!! See what happened to this man. Luckily I think the case is closed now. What is going on happen here???


  1. You're so thoughtful to think of so many things. It's great but don't be stressed out. Try to live in the present, dear... and to live for life... then your headache and insomia... will be gone :)

  2. well, i agree that over-analyzing your life can cause a serious frustration.
    just take it easy...

    sometimes, you can't predict the end, no matter how hard you plan.


    anyway, jakarta = chaos! :)

  3. santay aja napa bos ????

    pikirin aja sekolah dulu...blon apa apa udah mikirin husband lah..

    "Am I going to be successful MD? How long does it take to be one? Would my husband allow me to be a career-woman?"

    mantan sanur...masuk banyak majalah..makanya blajar dulu yg bener..kaga usah mikirin husband...wakakakka

    kalo dia ga allow loe untuk jadi career woman loe punya 2 ade koq yg buat perang... tinggal cari baru lagi..susah amat seh..wakakaka

    udah blajar aje yg bener kek yg di tulis orang2 di atas noh...kaga usah mikirin future terlalu serious...jadinya gila loe tar...waakakkaka

    kalo soal yg satpam mah sabar2 aja...anggap aja orang gila lah..daripada tar loe nya kenapa2..kan lebih bae sabar..

    aight ??? cheers yow.. HEAD UP sis!!! face the truth !!!!! wakakakakakaka...

  4. @mer & rpb: thanks for your supports.

    @andrew: ok, thanks yah..kangen neh ama lo, bro ;)

  5. well, relax girl.. for me u have so many things to make other girls jealous.. pretty, smart, talented writer, lotz of friends, doctor-model becoming, n ure getting slimmer n slimmer.. hahaha..

    anyway, time really flies..!! cant believe im starting to step into the "real" life.. thinking of it gives me a headache.. wish i were still the little girl surrounded by people protecting me *haha lama2 gw ikutan curhat dsini =p*

    i guess maybe better just to let it flow n enjoy wat we have now..

    gud luck fren =)

  6. devi..if you hate it so much being in indo.. come here then HEHEHEHEHE

  7. Nothing compares to a vent. :P

    I personally think that "firegun" should be legal just like a watergun. Why? Well, come to think about it, it can be an effective way to kill cockroaches! Wait wait wait... oh that's a flamethrower. Never mind!

  8. jakarta bikin stress ya? tarik nafas.. tahan, trus buang pelan2.. jalani saja apa yg harus dijalani, sempatkan waktu untuk menikmati hobi loe.. ntar pasti selalu ada jalan keluar buat semua masalah loe kok ;)

  9. @karin: guess what, I envy u for graduating july next year! LOL. yeah I just have to start to live smart. thanks for your compliments anyway ;) g'luck to you too!

    @irene: I wish! :D

    @hengky: yup2, makasih ya.. jujur gw sempet bengong baca komen lo, abis kan lo juga suka mengeluh di posting2 blog lo, hahahaha...esp about marriage :p

  10. ..ngeluh masalah marriage doang kok ;p

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  12. dev..make ur wish come true ^_^

  13. Helooow..auntie Devi (my child said),
    don't be stress. Life is short, enjoy it. Don't worry about your MD, who's become your husband and your future. Life is journey. Wish you all the best.

  14. Thank you for all your supports. My best regards to your children ;)

  15. egad ! see baby doll ? this is why we have blogs :> to vent.

    no really. what do you expect... its fuckin indonEsia.

  16. Move to Malaysia ? no just kidding.

    just don't think to much. never ask a lot of why. why this? why that? it'll make u sad. if it ever happen again, just stop at the 5th question.

    btw, my wife is Virgo, and she too, sometimes, like to think about a lot things which i feel not necessary. things that will make u feel inferior, things that will make u loose self confident, things that will make u forget that there r also good things to think about. think about that!

  17. @debbie: hell yeah this is the benefit why we have blog *grin* btw why did u call me baby doll? I don't have any idea about the growth of this country. don't give a damn.

    @merapuman: hihi, yeah, Virgos often sweat small things driving them real crazy! thanks a lot anyways for your advice :)

  18. oh ummm. baby doll is a term of endearment and affection. like, sugar pie or sweetheart.

  19. MerapuMan said...

    Move to Malaysia ?
    dev, maybe you should think about it. i have been thinking about it for years.. now.. just trying to deal with the reality.. :(

    sepertinya virgo dimana-mana emang gitu deh.. semua virgo yang gue kenal, pemikir berat.. hehehe

  20. @debbie: oic. :)

    @hengky: hmm...I'll think about it ;)

  21. A doctor believeing in astrology?????

  22. insomnia?
    dah coba untuk menghitung domba sebelum tidur?

  23. Waduh... bahasa Inggrisnya hebat banget toh ya???!!!
    *Beda banget ama diriku yang bodoh ini hiks...hiks... sedihnya :'(*

  24. @deepak: not really. Just reading it by chance and finding out that it was just the same as in mine.

    @coky: let's see 'bout it later.

    @aribowo: hehe, it didn't help :/

    @pauline: biasa aja kok. saya membuat blog ini dalam posting bahasa inggris juga karena ingin melatih bahasa inggris saya :)


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