Monday, August 14, 2006

A one-hundred-thousand-Rupiah Trip

Last weekend I went to Lembang, Bandung, regarding KMBVD* gathering. Spending 2 days and 1 night at Pondok Paniisan, Cibodas, with non-stop laugh and fun, I truly had a splendid weekend! Below are the summary of my one-hundred-thousand-Rupiah trip. Enjoy.

The Journey

I never expected that the journey would be so boring. We went an hour late than its schedule and spent almost 3 hours in the freeway! The bus ran slowly, 60 km/hour in average, perhaps it was because of the climbing freeway. Stopping by twice; to allow us to go the toilet. First stop at KM 88.500 freeway, and guess what? There was no water! OMG, I was in urgency, and I said to myself “Whatever it takes”. Hence I was going in! Luckily the people before me were not having ---hmm bowels, so I only smelt stink. *sigh*

After 4 hours waiting in bus, we were allowed to get out. Some said the place couldn’t be reached by bus. The pathway was too narrow. We had to walk about 1 km under the sunlight! I grumbled for not using sun-block, but the most things was my carriage! I carried one big bag (hand-carriage) and it was quite heavy. I couldn’t afford 1 km! Fortunately, Suandi was kindly carrying my bag. *grin* I was asking him to carry my bag together (since he only brought one small sling bag) but finally he agreed to carry my bag by himself. Thank you so much Su!

The Place

…is cool! The weather is very cold. The house is big enough to accommodate all of us (total of 36 persons)! Containing 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, wide living room, fireplace, small stage, both wide front and backyard, I think IDR 1,000,000 per night is worth it. Not to forget about (plenty) pillows, blankets, water-heater, mattress, and carpets are available in the villa. If you wish to rent, you may contact Hj. Ennie at (022) 7500644 or mobile 08170297359.

The Activities

Games, Dharma session and Dharma sharing by Master Xien Bing (KMBVD* guardian), firelight and midnight barbeque, photo session, rants and raves about the gathering from the participants. The main purpose of the gathering is to let participants know each other and get along well to develop the organization. Hiking was failed to pursue. We were not into it. LOL.

The Meals

…were not bad. Actually we have to cook by ourselves, but since we were very busy and failed to manage, we asked some help from the villa’s attendant to cook for us. But we had to provide all food and ingredients.

The Last Day

…was last-minute-shopping at Pasir Kaliki, Bandung, before going home to Jakarta. Pasir Kaliki is famous for its Kartika Sari shop (selling brownies, cheese sticks, and many more). Some friends had Mie Kocok (Noodleshake) as meals for IDR 8,000. Quite expensive, I suggest. I don’t know what it tastes like since I didn’t buy it. By the way, I was kinda impressed of the bus driver, not because he’s handsome (he’s very old, FYI…), it’s just because his driving skill (to drive a bus, esp. on narrow streets)! Oh man, I don’t think I can do it for rest of my life! I never want it, anyway… hehehe…

Oh well, that’s all folks! I paid only IDR 100,000 to join the gathering. I was damn happy as well as exhausted. What about your weekend?

*KMBVD: Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis Viriya Dhamma (Viriya Dhamma Buddhist Students Organization)


  1. hmmm.. paniisan bagus juga ya!?? (orang bandung yang nggak gaul)
    belum lagi ternyata dalamnya juga bagus..

    mie kocok.. enak lho! kok nggak coba2 dev? belanja apa di kartika sari? kayanya habis lebih banyak di belanja dibandingkan biaya perjalanannya ya? ;p

  2. Nice weekend. Dev just asked, are you buddhist? he3x..sorry sist.. (I guess your father Batak/Girsang and your mom chinese, am I wrong? )Well, Pasirkaliki, good place for me, specially "Kartika Sari",molen,brownies,bolu kukus ketan..nyam..nyam....slrrpp... Dev, mie kocok very delicious.

  3. @hengky: iya bagus banget, cuma jalannya jauh :( huhu gpp deh, sekalian olahraga hahaha.. mie kocok; ga suka, abis banyakan taugenya ama kikil2 (devi ga doyan tauge ama kikil2). saya cuma beli 4 cheesestick (berbeda2 jenis) ama pisang bolen coklat keju :D ya harganya kurang lebih sama kyk biaya perjalanannya hahaha...

    @cerita eka: yes u're right! :) I don't like the ingredients anyways..

  4. Waduhhh...gue mauu ke bandung juga..
    Ke prima rasa trus beli brownies sama bolu ketan item;p

  5. mmmm.....ternyata enak juga ya klo gitu ikutan ahh

  6. my weekends hella boring. spent some quality time with my boytoy though. yummy.

    cant.. wait... for... the... work... week... to... be... over... UGH

  7. banyak banget ya kegiatan lo
    jadi ngiri nih aq..

  8. Bandung banyak banget makanan enak, murah, dan unik. Hehe.. promosi kampung halaman nih. Dah coba Surabi Enhaii di jalan Setia Budhi?? Atau roti bakar Gang Kote?? Atau... terlalu banyak buat disebut satu per satu nih...


  9. hai hai.........
    seru yah makrabnya ^_^
    tapi... klo g ikut bkl lbh rame lg kali ya hohoho
    maw jagung bakarnya donkkkk :p


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