Friday, August 18, 2006


I read this on and quite shocked. Hm, it said "The 3-year-old Obsessed with Her Look". Well, me too (if you already read my articles on EVE magazine this month, you must know it very clear), hihihi...but heyy I'm (almost) 20 and her... Not even close with me! Her mom accused images on TV and in magazines giving her so much obsession with beauty. I blame it on Barbie then, LOL. Somehow I still don't get it why this young girl has a great obsession with beauty? She loves to read Victoria's Secret catalog and asks her mom a lipstick, instead of playing around with her friends? Only God knows why. You can read the articles here.

Anyways, since Danu told me about this interesting site, I always try to visit more often. I've tried to read all archives of her blog, but I haven't finished yet. Last morning I tried to read it at campus library, but since a lot of people waiting on queue, I decided to save it to my flashdisk. What I love most from her postings is the way she tells a story into a posting. It's always interesting and making me laugh most of the time! The first two postings are in English, but for the rest are in Bahasa Indonesia. And the funny thing is apparently she is my senior in high school! *grin* What a funny coincidence.


  1. hmm. where's that character recognition thingie when you want to post comments? It supposed to reduce spammers quite effectively.

    Not 20 years old yet huh? Sing this song all day then:

    Alizee - J'ai pas vingt ans!

    C'est pas l'histoire d'un jour
    Qui rime avec amour,
    Plutôt un long séjour
    Mais pas : un "pour toujours"
    J'veux pas d'un "pour la vie" qui mène au paradis,
    Moi j'ai le temps !
    C'est juste un compromis, un peu comme l'eau de pluie
    Qui devient l'océan ...
    C'est pas l'enfer non plus
    Question d'habitude ...
    Si c'est pas pour la vie, tant pis,
    Alors dis oui ...

    J'aime pas l'habitude !
    J'aime pas quand ça dure !
    J'ai pas vingt ans ...
    J'ai pas d'attitude ...
    Même si j'ai l'allure !
    J'ai pas vingt ans ...
    Et des talons aiguilles : un talent de fille,
    Mélodie du vent ...
    Je change comme je rime, cachet d'aspirine,
    On est vieux à vingt ans ...
    Moi j'ai le temps !

    C'est pas l'histoire d'amour
    Qui coule comme l'Adour
    Plutôt un courant d'air
    Qui souffle sur ta terre
    J'veux plus d'un : je m'attache, qui m'ennuie et me fâche
    Moi j'ai le temps !
    Plutôt un coup d'audace , faut m'aimer à ma place
    Et m'attendre au tournant

    {au Refrain}

    La la la la la, mélodie du vent

    {au Refrain}

    It's just a silly song, but it's fun. Don't ask me about the translation - use google! ;)

  2. im not surprised... we live in a visual world where standards were made without exceptions and beauty is rewarded publicly. we should be flogged for such shame and dishonor.

  3. obsesi.. segala sesuatu yang akhirnya menjadi obsesi memang mengerikan ya?

    @lisiani.. komentarnya juga lucu kok.. :|

  4. @debbie: hear hear!

    @d: duh gw kok ga ngerti sih artinya apaan?? gw les CCF dlu kali ya? LOL. bisa tolong jelaskan kira2 intinya apa? icha!!!

  5. whoa, Dev!
    just got my chance to do blogwalking and was really surprised to read your posting here. hehehe.. :P
    thanks for stopping by ya... see you in the blogosphere.. ;)

  6. hi Loucee,

    thanks for visiting my blog :) I always look forward to read your next stories.. what a great story-teller :D


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