Sunday, August 20, 2006

Obsession (2): Most Wanted Bag

Appearance is a powerful thing. I know sometimes people can’t remember a word you’ve said, but can tell you exactly what you were wearing.Ann Richards

I really love that G shoulder bag I’ve seen at mall. Unfortunately, I can’t take it home. Well I can afford it, actually. But if I do, I’ll be guilty by consciousness. *sigh*

[In an on-line conversation with a friend]

Me: Tell me which one do you prefer as for girls; having a one-fits-all handbag costs U$110 or ten old-fashioned handbags cost U$11 each?

Him: How should I know? What do you mean as for girls? You think I’m a feminine?

Me: Just tell me what you think!

Him: Hmm... difficult :D If one-fits-all handbag is all around; fits every clothes you wear, then it should be a good one. Otherwise, no handbags at all. Hahaha.

Me: LOL. It fits anything, like Gucci. But this is GUESS. One fits all. LOL.

Him: Hmm… you think GUESS handbag goes along well with a training clothes? I think not. :p

Me: This one is fabulous! It looks like Gucci.

Him: Hahaha…like I know what Gucci looks like. Hmm…is it leather? Or colorful?

Me: So-so. Not leather.

Him: Not leather. What then? Cotton? Or kinda suitcase? Hahaha…picture?

Me: Lemme see..

Him: It’s a handbag, huh?

Me: Shoulder bag.

Him: Shoulder bag? What’s shoulder bag like again? The one with two straps half circle?

Me: See this image to give you a picture.

Him: It’s a neutral color so I guess it’s good. Oh gosh 870 bucks! What dollar is that?

Me: LOL. Dunno.

Him: US then probably. It does look good though. Not my style but I’m not the one who wants to buy it :D but then again, the pics that I’m looking at are celebrities. They probably have someone to carry their stuff…haha

Me: it’s enough to accommodate my stuffs; wet and dry tissue, blooth paper, compact powder, lipbalm, purse, cell phone, ballpoint, notes, digicam sometimes.

Him: Dang! That’s a lot. Haha. Anyway size is not a problem then. So…yeah. I guess the only thing that stops you to buy that bag is the price?

Me: Hell yeah. Not really. The budget to be precise. LOL.

Him: Haha. Well…price’s too high for your budget that’s what I meant :p

Me: Yeah. LOL

Him: What did you usually do if you want something you can’t afford? Save up?

Me: Hmm…Wait until its discount. If after sale still can’t afford, I’ll just keep dreaming then. “Someday I’ll buy it with my own salary”

Him: Hahaha…yeah. I used to save up. Unfortunately the more I save, the more I become tight. Weird huh!

Me: LOL. That’s weird.

Him: Thank God there’s no HMV whatsoever selling complete DVDs here. I went to Singapore several times last year. On all cases I ran out of money because of DVDs. Hahaha. Anyways, so you save up as in saving for the future huh? That’s what I do only when it’s too late :D

Me: Hmm…I don’t have any plan when I save my money. If I want to buy something, I’ll buy it. But when it’s overbudget, I’ll leave it. So I got nothing to loose. I’ll just put it into my wishlist. By the time I have a job, I’ll have bought it. But if it still can’t, I’ll just pass my wishlist to my future husband. LOL. And if he can’t buy it, I’ll find another man! LOL. That’s what I do to get over it. Hehehe.

Him: ee-evil! :p I heard this talk the other day. It’s legal (yet an order) for a wife taking her husband’s money. But when it comes in opposite, they call it ‘stealing’. Hahaha.

Me: LOL. Yesss!

Him: The feminists must’ve fight against that, methinks :p So-called emancipation.

Me: But… a husband must be the backbone of the family! He has to earn the living.

Him: Ha. The lines that ‘provider should be a male’ should be blurred when the feminists start their campaign.

Me: dunno. It depends though.

Him: anyways that’s politician’s issue.

The conclusion is; he likes to have a one-fits-all handbag costs U$110 better than ten old-fashioned handbags cost U$11 each! Hehehe.


  1. ummm excusee meeee... but what is a bag? you're keep talking about it... is it a new invention?

  2. Hmmm i personally prefer to have ten old-fashioned handbags cost U$11 each hehe that way I could have a lot of option of which to bring;p

    btw dev, gue ga bisa buka pic nyaa

  3. ahah..ladies, bags and shoesss..
    me-ow! :B

  4. @icha: masa sih cha? gw buka imagenya bisa tuh..

  5. Devi, i answer your question first. Where i got the template? I got it from here. But not sure whether it will work with Blogger Beta or not. I hv not convert. Btw, if u havent check out blogger beta, try this beta tour

  6. If my wife ever asked me, i ask her to buy the 10 for USD11 each rather than the one for USD110. why ? becos, for sure after a while she will get bored with it and start to look for a new one. Women gets bored easily. So, it's better to get 10 so that she can mix and match according to her mood.

  7. @merapuman: thanks. I've already seen that page, but can't custom with mine. Somehow the postings can't be displayed on the right place as it's shown on template sample. I'm not using Beta Blogger anyway.

    As for my posting, hmm you got a point! hehehe

  8. um... HI. hasnt anyone here heard of tas aspal ? kiddin ^_^

    ps: foto baru nya lucu banget !!

  9. @debbie: hahaha..yeah I know; kw1, kw2, kw3 LOL. Hongkong or China stuffs. thanks for your compliment :)

  10. For Female Satisfaction : ofcourse that 100 bucks "G" Handbag

    but for MALE satisfaction : the other option...

  11. use plastic bag maahh..
    cheaper summore...hehehe :D

  12. which G shoulder bag?
    i Couldn't see the pic! T_T

    my suggestion: just buy that G shoulder bag. (G refers to Gucci). :D

    some say that buying gucci's is such an investment for the future. so you won't have any guilty feeling. :DD

  13. yippie! I've got G supporter here :D hehehe

  14. Ah Beng, lu di sini rupanya. balik! ... balik! ... Balik sekarang juga.


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