Monday, August 28, 2006

Not My Kind of Sunday

Yesterday, it was not my kind of Sunday actually. I used to spend my Sunday waking up late, out for lunch, watching TV or chatting through the internet for hours. Apparently I went to Vihara Mahavira Graha Pusat (Buddhist Building Indonesia) at Loudan, Ancol, to help my friends providing regular basis of clinical service (glucose blood test and blood pressure) for benefit. Four of us; Andrew, Novi, Indra, and me, were seeking money for celebrating KMBVD 4th anniversary on September 10 at an orphanage in Cakung. I was very nervous at the beginning, since that was my first time helping there. I had ever participated twice in clinical service benefit like this before, but it was a long time ago. Experience is the best teacher, I believe. But somehow I think my progress is running slowly. *sigh*

Most of them are Mandarin speakers. I was confused yet very curious of what they were talking about, but I didn’t give a damn. I was trying to pretend as if I understood, until one old man asked me; “Do you speak Mandarin?” *jeng jeng…*

“Err.. No. I learned once but it didn’t help much.” Ok, go ahead. You can laugh at me.

But he didn’t. He simply said “you can learn it here. They have classes upstairs.”

“Oic.” *Fiuh* thank you for not bullying at me. At least, in language I speak.

Another thing that bothered me was kids. Not usual kids, but naughty one! If you see the picture, you will recognize how annoying this boy! Playing around with million-cost sphygmomanometer and hundred-thousand-cost stethoscope! LOL. Trust me; you can’t do anything if this kind-of boy breaks your stuffs! :p

Not bad, we’ve collected IDR 740,000 for that day. I think we could get even more, unfortunately we were running out of strips for glucose blood test so that we could check blood pressure only. I'm so happy to be there.


  1. Silly kid! Stop playing with that speculum! That is not a toy! Go back to your cage!

  2. Hahaha, stetoskop bukannya termasuk barang pribadi ya? Kayak sikat gigi, 1 sikat untuk 1 orang. Nekat juga...
    Btw, napa tulisan lo jadi turun2 gini sejak ganti layout? Benerin donk!

  3. Vi, coba cek websitenya KMB UI di Kali aja KMB lo mau kerjasama, he3. Cya.

  4. Jad inget kemaren temen gw juga mau bakti sosial..kayah gene juga niiih..seneng bgt kayaknya mo jadi dokter2an..hehehe..

  5. I wonder what so funny bout being unable to speak Chinese in Indonesia?

    i think it's more ridiculous if u lived in Indonesian cities (not like what Nadine sez) n unable to speak Indonesia

  6. @winda: hahaha, ga lah, stetoskop mah one for all, all for one LOL. Gila emangnya stetoskop disposable? Masa sih turun? Kok di gw bae2 aja ya.. Kerjasama, hm tergantung acaranya sih. :)

    @farahputri: kan mao jadi dokter beneran :D

    @avante: hm, the funny thing is I was acting as if I understood what they said when in fact I didn't. I really want to learn Chinese anyway. ;)


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