Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Blog Editorial of the Day

“What Indonesian Independence Means to Me”

Indonesia is going to celebrate its 61st Independence Day tomorrow. Nothing special for me, except for the fact it’s a public holiday and my brother’s 19th birthday.

Independence means…

~Freedom from political control by other countries*. (As for Indonesia) I think so, since August 17, 1945. However, Indonesia is not (yet) free from monetary crisis by IMF nor World Bank. What a pity.

~Freedom to organize your own life, make your decisions, etc. without needing help from other people*. Hmm, I have my own liberation to organize my life and make my decisions; that’s politically correct. However, I always need help from other people like my family or my friends to encourage me in making a crucial decision because deep down my heart, I’m still daddy’s little girl *LOL*. I’m not too worried about other people’s influence in my life. It gives me more perspectives though to face the reality. So I’m cool with that.

Indonesian Independence (doesn’t) mean…

· I can breathe fresh air in the morning and for the rest of the days. As far as I’m concern, I only see traffic jam.

· Everyone is free to go to school.

· There are public libraries that easily to access by society for the sake of education.

· Indonesia is free from anarchists.

· Indonesia is free from natural disasters.

· I’m not afraid using public transportation for my mobility.

· I’m not afraid going home late (at night).

It’s not about my personal judgment seeing Indonesia in a negative way. I’m so proud of Indonesia which has 14 out of 18 natural resources all over the world, 2 friendly seasons, varieties of cultures and traditions, spicy foods and smart people like those who have won the Olympics of Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Indonesia has also a lot of popular tourist destinations such as Bali, Lombok, Nias, and many more.

I really hope that we (as Indonesian people) can build our spirit of belongings of Indonesia to continue the soul of Youth Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda) in order to bring the country into a better future.

~*Original definitions from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 6th edition, 2000.


  1. happy independence day for indo

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bro!!!


  2. Freedom doesn't mean that we're free to do anything. There are still some limitations, of course. It really depends on how we can control our own expectations. :)

  3. Malaysia (31/08) and Indoensia celebrating Independence day at the same month. Wow! To tell u the truth, I never knew about this until I read your blog. Our's will be the 49th.

  4. @indra: yes I do feel the same!

    @merapuman: it's glad to know that my posting gives you more knowledge. :)

  5. freedom = independence = illusion

  6. pendidikan gratis.. hmmm.. seharusnya program wajib belajar 9 tahun ditanggung penuh pemerintah ya? kalo sekarang, ortu yang susah payah membiayai, pemerintah yang dengan bangga menyebutkan bahwa program wb9t sukses diselenggarakan oleh pemerintah..
    yah, meskipun payah, mau apa lagi ;P

    selamat ber-tujuh belas agustus-an

  7. we all know indonesias got a long f*ckin way to go before it can clearly stand where it wants to stand at this day and age. a country as old as indonesia and sadly, set in its ways that it offers no other alternative to its critics than to be skeptical towards promised reformations and revolutions.

    someday perhaps.

  8. Hi Devi! *drops off some ice cream hugs*
    Freedom is when we feel free to be ourselves, feel free to use our rights, feel free to carry on the days without stress. Is it ok if I link you? :)

  9. natural disaster is an uncontrollable factor....cant avoid mother nature....

  10. @kristee: it's very much appreciated :) I've linked you back too..


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