Thursday, August 17, 2006

Live Report from My Neighborhood

Pardon me; I woke up late today. However, I still remember what I have to do to participate in Blogfam photo competition held on August 16-17, 2006. Therefore I’m looking around in my neighborhood to take pictures of some games. Unfortunately, interesting games such as Panjat Pinang (Climbing a kind-of bamboo to the peak to get the prizes) is not held. I hope I didn’t miss great games in crowd.

Below are best moments that captured on my camera:

Balap Karung (Sack Racing)

Title: Wanita Super di Balap Karung
Location: Pulo Melati Rw 16, Jakarta

Date: 17 Agustus 2006

Sepertinya peserta untuk remaja putri lebih sedikit daripada peserta prianya. Takut jatuh kali ya? seperti terlihat pada gambar; Ugh! Sakit!!! (It seems that girls are afraid to fall down! I can assume from the fewer participants for this game. I admit; I’m scared to death! *LOL*)

Lomba Memasukkan Bola ke dalam Gawang dengan Terong!

Kicking ball to the goal-net is common, but what if using aubergine-swing? This is what they do; to win the game, they have to make a goal by swinging aubergine that is tied up behind to drive the ball into the goal-net. It's so funny!

Tarik Tambang (Tug of War)

Title: Menang Gak Menang Asal Ngumpul
Location: Pulo Mawar Rt 03/09, Jakarta
Date: 17 Agustus 2006

Sepakbola Daster (?)

Hm, ok, I give up! I don't know daster in English. I thought it was 'duster' but I don't think so. Daster is a house dress or lounging gown made of cotton, but different with lingerie. Daster is commonly used by women. That's the unique thing of this game; men wear daster!

Ambil Koin dari Semangka (Taking coins out of watermelon)

But it's not original watermelon! Its covered with mixture of charcoal, vegetable oil, and little salt. You have to prepare yourself getting dirty here to collect coins as many as possible!

Click here if you wish to see all pictures taken.


  1. looks like someone makes an execption now... shouldnt this blog written in english ? LOL

  2. iya deh..maklum kan English-nya pas2an..mungut2 di jln aja..

  3. nightgown soccer. is that even a phrase?

  4. Hello:

    Your blog is very interesting.
    I will return more times.
    I wait for your comments in EG.
    You can translate the posts with the Babel translator.

  5. hello there jose alberto,

    I've visited your blog "Estados Gerais" using Babel fish translator. In my opinion, your blog is concentrated in political stuffs and current affairs which I think it has segmented readers. It's good though. :)

  6. Hello:

    You are a dear one.
    Well, EG speaks of politics, economy and other themes... particularly very interesting parables.
    Thank you for your comment.
    If you go seeing the blog you see that it is as I tell you.

    A kiss,

  7. seruuu ya!?? paling seru kayaknya sepak bolanya deeeh.. hehe.. nggak jadi peserta salah satu loba, dev? kok nggak ada panjat pinang nya?

  8. Waduhhh gue ga ngeliat lomba di komplek rumah gue malahan^^"
    Iya tuh sepak bola daster nya seru hihih

  9. That really really was fun to read!

  10. yoii sepakbola dasternya emang seru bgt, tau ga apa yg dipake wasitnya buat kasih "kartu kuning"? kertas minyak kuning yg biasa dipake pas ada org meninggal itu loh...hahahahahaha...kocak abiez..

  11. Wow.. seru banget nih kayanya. Di daerah rumah gue ga banyak kegiatan tuh. Apa gue yang ga tau aja ya?? Soalnya kemaren kerjaan gue cuma baca novel dan tidur :P

  12. Ola Devi.. met kenal.. interesting photos you have..

  13. hai devi....
    g kmaren ikutan lomba tarik tambang abis deh..

  14. hai devi..kmaren g ikutan lomba tarik tambang lho...huheue fun abiz deh...tim g menang lho..

  15. daster? pajamas, or pyjamas, or pj's?


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