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From the Final Show of Miss Indonesia 2006

I’ve been having a headache so bad since afternoon that I had to take a rest for a while. I woke up at 11 pm, but still feeling dizzy. I decided to take a cup of Twinings Infusions Organic Camomile tea which is said to be a pure and natural infusion to aid relaxation. I can’t afford to continue my sleep, that’s why I turn on the TV.

Apparently, the final show of Miss Indonesia 2006 has reached their climax, which is the final question given to the Big Three. They are contestant from Bali, Central Java, and North Sulawesi. Each of them is given a question which is different one and another, but the three final questions have the same difficulty level of answer. At least, it was what the host, Tantowi Yahya, said to the audience. Below are not their transcripts for sure, it’s literally only based on my memory. *grin*

First question is given to contestant from Bali:
Q #1: Apa perbedaan hakiki antara kepemimpinan laki-laki dan wanita? (What is the crucial difference between man and woman leadership?)
She said in short (in Bahasa Indonesia): Perbedaan hakiki antara kepemimpinan laki-laki dan wanita adalah wanita mampu memimpin dengan menggunakan rasional, emosional, dan profesional sekaligus. (The main difference between man and woman leadership is that woman can lead by the combination of rational, emotional, and professional at a time –which supposed to be an advantage, she said)

Somehow I don’t understand why she said so. I think most people know that we are not allowed to bring along our personal emotion in professional circumstances. And it happened to be woman’s disadvantage in leadership.

On the other hand, the other two finalists prefer to answer the question in English –at a lower intermediate level, I suggest. Well, perhaps they have heard about Nadine’s broken-English in Miss Universe 2006 interview last time.

Q #2 to contestant from Central Java: Indonesia saat ini sering dilanda berbagai bencana, jika Anda menjadi pemerintah, apa yang akan Anda lakukan? (What would you do if you were the government of Indonesia, to overcome national disasters happening continuously lately?)
She said (in her own words, of course –as far as I remember, LOL.): If I am the government, I will help the victims of tsunami and earthquake as soon as possible and give them help as much as I can. To rebuild the school and bring life back.

Q #3 is given to contestant from North Sulawesi: Jika Anda terpilih sebagai Miss Indonesia 2006, apakah ini akan mengubah cita-cita Anda selama ini? (If you were chosen to be Miss Indonesia 2006, would you change your idea of life or not?)
She said (with a little bit of stammer): If I am Miss Indonesia, I will able to help a lot of people in every country because I have connection everywhere. –She doesn’t mention YES or NO, making the host asked her for the second time boldly– Yes, I will change, because I will be popular and have connection everywhere.

The last two finalists have easier questions, I suppose. At least, for me. Conditional sentence like “if you were this or that…” giving you a lot of imaginary lists of answers with a freedom to make bullshits as much as you willing to, LOL. In a good-wrap sentences, will be more beneficial.

For example; if I were given Q #2, my answer would be, “Well these continuous national disasters are happened to be the God’s will. There is nothing I can do to stop it happening again. (Nice intro is a must!) However, besides helping the victims and reconstruct the nation, I would try to promote people’s awareness to anticipate another tsunami or earthquakes that might happen via press. Hopefully there will be fewer victims if people already know how to evacuate themselves during the tsunami or earthquakes.” (I’m expecting to have a standing ovation from the audience! LOL. Silly me.)

As for Q #3, I’ll give my emotional answer; “Nope, of course not. I am medical-doctor-gonnabe and it will never change forever! Otherwise my mom will kick me out of the house. Being Miss Indonesia 2006 might be a great achievement for me, but 50 million rupiahs (not to mention about GST deduction prize) is not enough to bring back my family investment to enroll my med-school. However, I’m definitely sure the title of Miss Indonesia 2006 will bring me a lot of patients in the future.” Hahahahaha….sorry, can’t help it….LOL…..

BTW, the winner is contestant from North Sulawesi. I was giving my support to Bali because she’s the prettiest of the Big Three. I don’t even know their names. Congratulations anyway for Miss Indonesia 2006, and good luck to pursue Miss World in Poland by September this year.

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  1. So... why don't you register for the next Miss Indonesian Pageant?

    i'm sure with that kind of answer you could make a good acomplishment ;)

  2. Vote Devi for Miss Indonesia 2007. Send your SMS to **** :D

  3. huhu.. meding jadi dokter ya dev? :P
    balik modalnya lebih pasti *terkekeh*

    rasional, emosional, dan profesional sekaligus

    gue rasa karena ternyata, dimanapun, manusia mrpk mahkluk yang penuh gejolak emosi, makanya dimanapun rasanya lebih banyak co yg curhat ke ce drpd sebaliknya

    di tempat kerja juga rasanya sama, misalnya ada kesalahan yang terjadi, setahu gue lebih banyak co maupun ce yang berterus terang kpd atasan ce drpd co, kemampuan berpikir dan merasakan yang seimbang dimiliki oleh wanita secara umum (ada juga atasan temen gue yang sangat mengerikan :D)

    karena itu dimana mana mulai banyak wanita ditempatkan di posisi yang sepantasnya, mulai menggeser kedudukan pria ;P

  4. devii jiaa yooo:D
    Kalo loe ikut, pasti gue bawa banyak orang buat mendukung...Kalo perlu kita beli pulsa isi ulang yang banyak buat sms hehe

  5. wew...jgn loe jadi MISS UNIVERSE..

    bisa2 tar kalo loe menang di tuntut sama FPI..wakakakakka

    nadine aja dah mao di utak utik tuh sama FPI...buakakakakakaka

    udah jadi dokter aja yg bae...kayak katanya si hengky tuh...DOKTER LEBIH TERKEKEH BALIK MODAL NYA...wakakakakakakakak

  6. @avante: hmm..maybe I'll give myself a try ;)

    @deddy: ok, I've got 2 supporters.

    @dee: I don't know if there is SMS polling for Miss Indonesia pageant..

    @hengky: yap, lebih pasti. lagipula kan belum tentu saya bisa masuk 3 besar. tp klo bisa menang, akan sangat membantu karir sebagai dokter donk,hehehe...jd dokter itu butuh nama besar jg biar pasiennya byk. hehe dukung ce nih ceritanya?

    @icha: lah justru gw bingung nih, krn ga ngikutin kompetisinya dari awal, emang ada polling smsnya ya?

    @andrew: begitu menang (Miss Universe), gw ganti kewarganegaraan dah hahahahahahha. setau gw sih, pemenang Miss Indonesia itu dikirim ke Miss World, klo Putri Indonesia baru dikirim ke Miss Universe.

  7. Cool site.
    Keep on bloggin in the free world.

    -- FreeCyprus
    Hellenic Reporter

  8. i believe her answer has somethin to do with the fact that if women were to rule the planet, there wouldnt be this many wars. there would be gatherings and discussions instead. long drawn out discussions that will last an eternity before a decision is made. hey, anything to avoid war right ?

  9. Just kidding and following the trend in Indonesia :p

    Hehe.. I don't think there is SMS polling for Miss Indonesia pageant.

  10. @debbie: got your point! but I prefer to be more in person, like Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (Philippines' President) or even Condoleezza Rice (Africa's first woman president). Rice's visit to Lebanon didn't help much to stop Israel's agression. On the other hand, Arroyo became one of the first Asian leaders to fully support the Washington's "war on terror", allowing US troops to enter the country to train troops fighting the Abu Sayyaf - a group responsible for a rash of abductions for ransom and believed to be loosely affiliated with Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.

    But Arroyo's greatest handicap has been her inability to produce results in the areas that matter most to Filipinos -- the economy and crime.

    Her government has run up a huge budget deficit largely because of its failure to collect taxes and violent crimes like bombings and kidnappings have risen sharply.

    As a result, her popularity ratings are lower than several potential rivals. (BBC News)

    Overall, I do believe that some women are smart and equal as men. They certainly have more common sense and would not be as quick as men to start wars.

  11. avante said...
    So... why don't you register for the next Miss Indonesian Pageant?

    i'm sure with that kind of answer you could make a good acomplishment ;)

    gw suka gaya lo !!

  12. dev,
    you'll be come a good doctor. I wish you can change the public image how to use ANTIBIOTIC properly.Please. (special in our country)

  13. rice ? africas first woman president ? i thought shes the US secretary of state. the first african american female to do so as well. shes republican too, ugh. kudos to her though.

  14. oops I'm sorry, I think I made a mistake here. What I mean is Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. And Rice, well yeah she's the secretary of the US but her visit didn't help much. I was kinda distracted by something else. Sorry.

  15. you definitely is over-qualified to be Miss Indonesia... hehehe.

  16. Weird things happen during this contest. The media can get fabricative on events like these...
    Tapi mbak, ikutan Miss/Putri Indonesia tahun depan dong, B-nya udah ada tuh 2... (yang satunya aku nggak berani bilang karena gak tau sih, hehe jujur aja nih ngomongnya.)

  17. dear mbak mukuge,

    saya gak bisa kasih kepastian bakal ikut apa kaga. liat saja nantinya gimana. memang, mana bisa tau lah, wong cuma baca blog aja.

  18. Iya mbak Dev, keep your sanity in educating Indonesians how to use antibiotics PROPERLY ya. Jgn banyak2 deh yg kebal sama amoxycillin... hahaha... kalo nggak ntar negara repot subsidiin antibiotik yg mahal2 bwat orang kayak gua.

    Btw, kalo ada petisi buat mengurangi penggunaan antibiotik, bilang2 ya. Mau ikutan juga nih :))


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