Tuesday, August 22, 2006

End of Life

Aging is an inevitable natural process that every human being will experience it. The aging could not be stopped or retarded with any effort or power. Therefore the elderly should accept this process faithfully, with full responsibility and with high self-confidence. The only wise way to face the aging itself is to prepare ourselves consciously, either physically or mentally, in arranging our worthy life as an elderly.

We believe that most of the elderlies crave for an ending life in a peaceful, secure, and calm way. If it could be, the dying itself should be far from painful and suffered process, which would not create any pain or trouble for others. However, the fact shows that such ideal thoughts are very hard to be achieved. On the contrary, the elderly precisely face a tragic and terrible ending life.

No wonder, many issues, decisions, and dilemmas towards the end of life in the elderly will emerge that need to be well-managed. How an elderly should arrange their life in their old age, about consent to treatment, advance directives, the clinical aspects of care such as resuscitation and palliative care, the controversy of euthanasia and assisted suicide, as well as financial issues will be further discussed, as our all concern.

I believe that most people seek for a long-live life. More than a decade, probably? But have you ever think about your life in your 80th or 100th birthday? Will you able to walk, read, hear, and talk, to do any activities like what you do now? Or you’re just ordered to have bed-rest for the rest of your life? This is a thing I want you to know, to think, and realize what they called Quality of Life.

One of my Biomedical Ethics lecturers once told on his class the other day, about Terri Schiavo case. In Indonesia, some of you must’ve heard about Sukma Ayu who eventually passed away after experiencing a 3-month-coma. There are 2 kinds of coma; Persistent Vegetative State (PVS) and brain death. The last mentioned is the most legal definition of death because Uniform Determination Of Death Act in the United States attempts to standardize criteria of life is the function of brain does exist.

Two cases above are very difficult situation to both doctors and the patients’ families. Doctors claimed that they had done their best whereas the families still urged to save patients’ life. During their coma, both Schiavo and Ayu are using some of very expensive medical equipments; such as ventilator to help them breathing. This is why financial issues are often to be discussed; because there is no guarantee that patients will awake from their coma, meanwhile the families have to pay all medication cost. Isn’t that sad? Wasting a lot of money for something that you don’t even know how it’s gonna end.

Some people decide to have euthanasia or assisted suicide as the answer, since they can’t afford the treatment any longer. The controversy of euthanasia and assisted suicide are still debatable, based on human rights (of the patient) or for the sake of the families.

As for me, I’ll just take neutral stand. In my opinion; yes, patient still has right to live and to be treated by doctor, but the fact that patient doesn’t have quality of live keep bothers me. (E.g. to be considered as ‘alive’ by medical apparatus, I don’t think it’s a life) Yet I can’t deny that miracles can happened so that the patient will awake and in fully-health condition. But heyy, miracles are NOT happened to everyone!

Wake up and smell the coffee, people! Long-live life isn’t as good as in your dreams. I don’t want to live my life for hundreds of years with 3-times-daily medication, wheelchair, hearing aid, and without able to see the beauty of the world, using cellphone, traveling all over the world, updating my blog :p or even walking down the streets on my feet! God bless.

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  1. coffee also not gut, avoid stress and find something that makes you happy, i think thats one of the solution to make ur life longer.... and eat good food with enough vitamins and nutrition LOL

  2. look at me! I'm in vegetative status! I'm a carrot! I'm a potato! I'm an asparagus... wheeeee!!!

  3. its not how u die..but how u live your life that matters most... hu huh huh

  4. Terri Schiavo case is a good reminder for all of us. While you're able, put "what you want" in writing in case you're in PVS, and let it be known. That way there won't be any controversy.

  5. Read this article reminds me with Descarte's philosophical quote "Cogito Ergo Sum".

    Your alive (exist) only when you can think... So your quality of life depend on quality ofyour thought :)

  6. hehe.. berpikir tentang mati.. makasih.. mengingatkan daku tentang pentingnya berpikir tentang hidup :)

  7. @aribowo: nice. Thanks.

    @wong ah beng: yes it's true, but you have to think how to life your live in positive ways that you'll not experience like cases I've mentioned.

    @$ugi: deep down my heart, I never expect to undergo PVS no matter what, so I'm not planning to jot down anything in such case. I can't predict what will happen to me in the future, but somehow, I just CAN'T.

    @avante: what do you think about my thoughts? Is it qualified enough? :p

    @hengky: sama2. Hm kok blog lo jadi aneh ya heng? Something wrong..Gw tetep ga bisa shout, dan comment di posting terakhir jg displaynya tetep 0 comments. Knp tuh?

  8. i like coffee too..

  9. coffee also not gut, avoid stress and find something that makes you happy

    aq gak tau bisa gitu..
    tapi aq jrang banget ngopi....

  10. "I can't predict what will happen to me in the future"

    That's the point exactly. I don't think normal people would like to be in PVS, let alone involved in an accident that would leave you paralyzed. The centerpiece of Terri Schiavo's case lies on her will, which unfortunately is not put in writing.

  11. @cokyday: kebanyakan minum kopi ya ga bagus juga buat kesehatan. Too much of something is bad enough. Saya juga ga gtu suka minum kopi (murni) kok. Demennya cappuccino, coffee latte, hehe..

    @$ugi: what do you mean by her will? I didn't try to expose her case in detail on my entry. But probably someday I will discuss it. Thanks for your opinion.

  12. im sincerely hoping ill die at 40. oh and on top of that, im hoping ill die just as ive reached orgasm. im lookin forward to my death.

  13. did u notice that only when a person is dying (tak kira tua atau muda), barulah the relative sibuk-sibuk nak datang. But when that person is ok, not even a phone call. life is funny isnt it.

    always seize the day! that's my motto, then you will enjoy life. never go through your life the same cycle everyday - It's like you're already dead.

    But ..... mmm...mmm... i dont mind dying with that girl from 'lastlifeinmyuniverse' ... apa nama dia, debbie ?

  14. man, what's with the hate of coffee? If caffeine is what you guys are talking about, coffee is not the only thing in the world with caffeine. Chocolate, tea and soft drinks are some of other substance that contain caffeine, yet you all only blame coffee for it. jeez!

    And just for the record, coffee is only bad only if you take more than 10 cup brewed/20 cup instant in just one sitting. Take everything in moderation - 2 cups of coffee everyday is good for your health.

    [sits back, re-read my edited post. satisfied, I'm off for another cup of coffee]

  15. @debbie: LOL. What a tempting death! Don't you think you're gonna ask for more after orgasm? ;p

    @merapuman: argh, sometimes to many relatives are sucks! LOL. J/k. Yes, she's Debbie. And your real name, Merapuman?

    @dan: oh gosh, here he comes, the coffee-man! :D Dan I truly don't get it why those people bothers the coffee thing just because I mentioned "wake up and smell the coffee" It's definitely out of context. LOL.

  16. Mmmmm ... lets see ... what's my real name?

    No la, kenot tell. If i tell then i kenot 'merapu' anymore. Later my wife find out. I 'merapu' all night. Hv to sleep outside la .. on sofa la ..., then kenot see debbie die lo.

    so, my name? kenot tell la.

  17. Siaga Merapu! Awas Merapu!

    Umm... what? What do you mean Merapu is not that mountain?

  18. Merapu is an Accronym of "Merayu Putri" :D
    Sorry OOT :p

  19. One of the problems with legalised euthanasia is that some elderly/incapacitated people may feel pressure from their relatives to end their lives in order to end the financial burden of their treatment.

  20. astaga LOL

    you people are hilarious.

    to answer your question dev, i dont really give a shit what happens after death. all i know is i want a glimpse of heaven before i kick the bucket. a few contractions wont hurt anyone ;)

    @merapu: your married ! :O

  21. @merapu: ok, whatever.

    @dodol & avante: hahaha...up yours!

    @anonymous: hm, yeah it's possible. But again, it's up to them anyway.

    @debbie: ic. Got your point! Yeah he's married. Don't take him seriously, he's like a man on the moon. ;)

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  23. Oh, yes ... just remembered, I'm married, ... so ... I cant die with Debbie ... but still, can i watch ?

    Im not sure either what exactly Merapu mean. Tak jumpa di kamus but people understand. Merapu - suka cakap kosong, tidak pernah serius, suka melawak. Btw, what does 'merapu' really mean in Bahasa Indonesia?

  24. merapu = omong-omong kosong..



  25. I don't know. There's no such word in Bahasa Indonesia. I know kerapu (fish), merapi(mountain) but don't know what merapu means.

  26. Ah Beng definition is quite close. Pandai jugak kucing ni.

    Or maybe i can relate to Mrs Doubtfire, the movie. He got divorce because of he likes to 'merapu' a lot. Never took his wife seriously.

  27. just watch ? are you sure you dont wanna join in ? we always have room for more. im not sure if you know who im referring to when i say "we"...

    if you read my blog long enough, youll know.


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