Thursday, August 31, 2006

Disney Lantern Festival (2)

~Eating time!

After 30 minutes hanging around and taking pictures, we were hungry! LOL. We were given a lot of choices of food stands; hokben, la porchetta, California pizza kitchen, my Hanoi house, nasi padang, bakwan malang, batagor, and many more.

Novi: Andrew’s starving. Let’s have hokben*!

Me: Ok, so am I.

Nova: Why don’t we have ice cream?

Novi: Nope! I want a big meal.

(getting closer to hokben food stall…)

Novi: Hm, can we try something other than those common-food-at-malls?

Me: *nod* Okay.

Nova: but I want an ice cream! Know what, New Zealand Natural buy 2 get 1 free! C’mon, let’s have ice cream…

(passing hokben…, California pizza kitchen…, la porchetta…,nasi padang…, bakwan malang…, batagor… finally she stopped)

Novi: do you smell it? It smells good. I want that! (pointing at KFC stall)

Me: *gubrak* yah, ok, no problems. I thought we’ll have something new to try. Whatever, I’m damn hungry anyways.

Novi: Dev, you don’t want to wash your hands before eating?

Me: didn’t see any sink

Novi: there’s one beside the stall

Me: do they have soap?

Novi: nope.

Me: err.. no thanks.

Novi: barbarian eaters! *giggling*

Me: LOL!

*hokben: Hoka Hoka Bento (Japanese food)

~The Story of Baby Pooh Lantern

Most people are easy to lie. But for me, it’s bloody difficult! *Grr…*

I saw that most visitors were bringing either baby Mickey blue or baby Pooh lantern in their hands. I really want it also; even more when I’ve been told it was for free. However, it’s not like free as in “free” compliments for everybody. Ya know!

It’s a free gift when you apply for credit card of this bank. Oh well, I don’t want any new cc; I just want that damn baby Mickey! So cute!!! *arghhh*

Nova: Yeah, it’s cute. Why don’t you apply to get one? Don’t give the right information of course. They won’t even know if you’re talking sh*ts.

Me: but.. They’ll copy my ID and cc. how can I make bullshits?

Nova: Just fill fake information on the application form. A lot of people apply; they won’t bother one or two fakers. LOL.

Me: why don’t you try as well?

Nova: don’t have any cc. they don’t accept debit card.

Me: ok, I’ll give a try.

(approaching one of cc salesperson…)

Salesperson: could you show me your ID and cc?

Me: yes. (passing my ID and cc to him)

Salesperson: have you already known about this cc benefits?

Me: nope. (listening to his so-not-important explanation; bla…bla…bla…)

(filling the application form on his assistance, while other woman copied my ID and cc)

Salesperson: (asking for my general information like address, phone number, mobile, etc.) Is your address the same with on your ID?

Me: No, it’s different. It’s on …. (starting to be a silly liar)

As well as the rest of the required information, they all fake. And for some times he asked me different q’s, I was stuck. No idea of bullying. Guess what I did; I was pretending as if I didn’t hear what he said! LOL. I kept saying “HAH? WHAT? EXCUSE ME?” along with my questioning face-look, while keep thinking to make up my answers. What a silly.

Lucky me having Nova around during application session. She has helped me a lot to answer his questions. Not to forget about our cross-match while answering my home address.

Salesperson: …is it (your home) near Sunter or Kelapa Gading?

Nova: yes, near Sunter.

Me (in the same time with Nova): no!

Salesperson: *look confused* you mean Kemayoran?

Nova & Me: yessss!!!!

Finally I can get my baby Pooh lantern! The baby Mickey was sold out. I’m still wondering what would happen next. He can’t contact me for sure; those phone numbers I’ve given are not mine. Would he trace from my ID? Frankly I’m a bit scared, guys. I am.

You can view the rest of the pictures here.


  1. ih banditttttttttttttttt....

  2. ive never been to hoka bento. EVER. its in puri and i lived close to puri but ive NEVER once stepped into that place.

  3. @debbie: why? it's not bad I suppose

  4. hokben is japanese style indonesian food. duengggg!!!

  5. deb, very cute lantern, can i request one for my daughter? :)

  6. An event like this has always been held at Jakarta.. argghh... Btw, the baby pooh lantern is so cute.

  7. Wahaha what a bad-bad girl...
    sometimes what you need is sacrifice to get something "free" ^^


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