Friday, August 04, 2006

About Nail Art

I went to Senayan City (mall) yesterday afternoon. It was my first time stepping on my feet there. I was so impressed with this mall; so wide, so clean, so elegant, so cozy! Yes, there were (just) fewer stores opened, no wonder less people was around. I’m sure it will be the greatest mall in town; consider its both interior and exterior design, main lobby view, security parking assistants, and the decoration. Hopefully its well-maintenance will last long, not just the beginning.

I found SkyNail booth on the 2nd floor of Debenhams department store. They offer nail art by printing pictures on artificial nails that will be attached on your real fingernails. Since they are attached by sticky glue, they are only last for two weeks. My friend, Mulan, was their first customer of the day. FYI, they just opened there yesterday!

Mulan chose simple design of cute tiny white love sign on black background for her feet fingernails. They have a lot of designs that are displayed in a catalogue. You can choose one-same-picture for all or serial design. You can put your own photos, if you wish to. They have a built-in camera in their booth machine to capture your face, but of course the charges will be a little bit more expensive; IDR 50,000 for 5 (five) fingers and IDR 80,000 for 10 (ten) fingers per photo.

I’ve decided to try the serial design #19. It has the same price with the one-same-picture; IDR 30,000. They are originally from Korea, one of sales assistants said. It took me about 15 minutes to have my hands fingernails done. The procedures are; printing out my chosen design, cleaning my fingernails by polish remover, fitting the fake nails to mine, attaching process by glue, pressing and holding down for few seconds, and finishing touch in the end. I forgot to mention that they give you a total of 20 fake nails in order to give your nails the best fit. You can save it for next attempt. Don’t worry; they give you the appropriate glue as well in case you want to work it at home.

I’m rare to have my fingernails growing long and pursuing manicure-pedicure treatment because it tends to be an obstacle for me to do activities freely (and not just thinking what will happen with my nails if I do this or that). Oh well, since I’m still doing my holiday, I think its worth to try. *wink*

By the way, Mulan told me that SkyNail booths are also available at Taman Anggrek Mall. I’m not trying to seduce you, but they have a really long queue.

Note: if you really watch carefully on the picture of mine, you will notice that the middle finger of my right hand are having callus. It is a circumscribed thickening of the skin, and hypertrophy of the horny layer, due to pressure when I write using pen. But still, they look gorgeous, don’t they? *grin*


  1. oooh cute ! for a while, fake ass long nails were the trend in the states. it was sooo ridiculous. god knows how those girls typed. prolly didnt. haha.

  2. centil2.....btw pic nya small dan ngak bisa di copy langsung, musti di click dulu.... jadi ngak bisa liat jelas nya... bagus koq.... the softest hand i ever touch :)

  3. cutee
    tapi iseng banget lo pake2 gituan ..

  4. Pay attention kids! This is what happen if you suck on your finger too much!

  5. Dear Devi,
    Kalau mau ikut milis itu, kirim saja alamat email yahoo ke Sertakan sedikit identitas berikut alasan ikut bergabung. Misalnya, ingin ikut diskusi dan belajar budaya Simalungun etc.

    Begitu. Ditunggu ya?

  6. Nice..hehe berarti 2 minggu lagi baru bisa wall climbing donk dev;p

  7. ow.. devi ada rencana wall climbing!? rencananya diundur dong.. :D
    ntar kalau jadi wall climbing, cerita juga ya!? penasaran.. :)

  8. @debbie: naah,yea at 1st I was like "wtf?" but then my alter ego said YOU'VE GOTTA TRY THIS ON! LOL. and somehow I like it though.

    @ari: thanks babe,kirain komennya jelek :p hihihi...iya sih kyknya fotonya kekecilan.

    @cokyday: yup,lg pengen cobain aja,daripada penasaran, hahaha...

    @deepak: thank you.

    @name: ooh really? :p

    @eben: ya mgkn nanti ya..

    @icha: iya neh cha, hehehe..

    @hengky: sip2..klo jadi loh ya ;)

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