Sunday, July 02, 2006

Whining all day

I went home after school yesterday and found a truck was parked at the workshop across my house. It was a sh*t cos it made me difficult (read: impossible!) to get in to the garage.

I was like “arghhhh” but I forced to get in though. Guess what, I almost hit my car to the gate! I got cranky but I couldn’t do anything but driving reversely the car and turned way around to be able to get in.

I truly madly deeply hate that workshop! Even sometimes I use its service to check my wheels air pressure, that doesn’t mean I accept its existence. The workshop doesn’t have appropriate parking area so customers with car or any other vehicles, will take half of this two-way-street as their parking, which makes me SICK! You know what, most of the time I want to go out by car, there’s always a vehicle standing there (across the street) and blocking my way!

Don’t say it will improve my driving skills, oh please, cos it has nothing to do with it. Sometimes I wish I’d find better place to live in. Like what I saw on movies; green environment, wide streets, and peace neighborhood. Where is it? I’m sure it’s hardly to find in Jakarta.

Moving to another topic, I’m complaining about the rate of internet connection, which is damn expensive! Argh I don’t get it, if you want to educate people, why don’t you let them to access the internet easily with the low costs?

And for my printer, I think I should get the newer one. However, I’m a bit sick of
government’s policy about getting license when you purchase a color printer in order to avoid fake money printings. WTF…?!@#$^

I’m wondering what else can I see from my hometown, instead of traffic jams and highly polluted environment? I really wish I can get outta here. ASAP!


  1. nice try hun, dont like the environment, get away from them instead of trying to adapt, u might ruin the life cycle and food chain honey....BTW i told u several time to get a new printer....

  2. Have you considered moving overseas? Singapore, perhaps? :)

  3. wew....moving overseas ?? dun think so... she doesnt even know how to survive in another country...hahahahahaha...

    she is my damn lazy sistah...LOL ;p

  4. to aribowo:
    Yeap but I'm a bit clueless what brand and type to purchase a new printer.
    About adapting stuffs,I've been working on it since I was born and already get sick of it.

    to indra:
    Already considered one, maybe someday in the future. I'm just 20 and still depend on my parents anyway :D

    to andrew:
    U SHUT UP! babyboy! LOL*


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