Monday, July 17, 2006

Satisfying My Inner Child

Yesterday I went to Dufan (similar to Genting Theme Park at Malaysia, or Luna Park at Melbourne –but not as big as Disneyland, Florida, literally–) along with my mom, Keisar (my younger brother), Tante May (my auntie), and Zergio (my 11-year-old-cousin) to satisfy my inner child! LOL.

It’s been a long time since my last visit to Dufan in 2002. Five of us were having fun there, riding few games; Kicir-kicir (Power Surge), Kora-kora (Boat Swing), Alap-alap (Junior Rollercoaster), Arung Jeram (River Raft Ride), Perang Bintang (Star Wars), Niagara-gara (Flume Ride), Halilintar (Rollercoaster), Ombang-ombang, Pontang-panting, and Ontang-anting (Wave Swinger).

We queued for about 40 minutes in average for every game. I felt my heart was up-beating on the first two games; Kicir-kicir and Kora-kora, getting wet by Niagara-gara and Arung Jeram, dizzy by Ontang-anting, and scratches by Alap-alap and Ombang-ombang. Despite I wasn’t able to try all games (excluding children’s), I was quite upset since I failed to boost up my adrenaline in Halilintar. Anyways, I really enjoyed the day to release any kind of stress in my head. Next week I’ll have paintball with my high school friends, *can hardly wait* yippee!

My mom once grumbled why we had to wait for so long queue. So I told her this: "If you were married to Mr.President, mom, you could ask for VIP visit to enter Dufan. They would let Dufan closed for public while you were visiting."

Snap Shots

I found interesting thing to be discussed. Dress codes and some tips for entering Dufan (on my own version):

  1. Avoid jeans, especially trousers. It’s really hot there. Wear shorts and cotton casual T-shirt. Simple and comfortable.
  2. Avoid BLACK! Black absorbs the sunlight, remember? It makes you even hotter.
  3. Wear casual sandals. Sneakers are fine, but if you want to go wet in Arung Jeram and Niagara-gara, I don’t think shoes are easy to walk in the wet.
  4. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes to exchange as well if you want to ride those two games above.
  5. Bring along caps or umbrella, if you wish, sunglasses. Don’t worry; you may buy those things on the spot.
  6. If you wish to bring a lot of carriage, use a backpack. Try to avoid a lot of plastic bags in your hands because most of the games do not allow you to deposit your carriage.
  7. Don’t leave your belongings unattended. *common warnings*


1. Entry charges to Ancol (front gate): IDR 10,000 per person (above 2 years old) and same price for the car/taxi. IDR 8,000 for motor bike.

2. No parking fees per hours.

3. Ticket box for Dufan entry has been moved to Spekta building since May 30, 2006.

4. Entry charges to Dufan (all games included): IDR 85,000 per person (above 2 years old).

5. Dufan has 24 games, and the longest queue is the simulator theater, Meteor Attack.

6. Dufan’s operating hours:

· Monday to Thursday: 11 am – 6 pm

· Friday: 1.30 pm – 8 pm

· Saturday, Sunday & holiday: 11 am – 8 pm

7. Spanish Cabaret “from Europe with love” presenting Les Belles Duval Super Revues, Acrobatic Aeralist, and Mambo Kenya Acrobat finished their free indoor show at Rama Shinta Hall, Dufan, on July 16, 2006.

Updated on July 18, 2006 (info from Winda); Entry charges for Dufan on weekdays: IDR 50,000 and weekend IDR 70,000


  1. There's a child inside of you??? My oh my. Dah brapa bulan???

  2. ada di Syd juga, cuma kayaknya salah kasih link :(

  3. devi... jd penasaran... kita perna ke dufan bareng ga yah??? hehe... kayanya perna deh... ato gw salah inget... hehe... wah, hebat jg lu jd peneliti di dufan... gw biasanya pulang dr dufan langsung sakit... hehe... salam dr dufan... dufan bilang, makasi buat critanya tentang gw... hehe...

  4. devi... jd penasaran... kita perna ke dufan bareng ga yah??? hehe... kayanya perna deh... ato gw salah inget... hehe...

    weleh2, ga pernah cay..
    pernah ke putri duyung cottage pas bday
    lo ke 18!

  5. btw katanya ada rahasianya loh naik Niagara-gara sama Arung jerma biar gak basah.

    Kalo Niagara-gara itu posisi paling belakang yang aman, yang susah itu yang arung jeram untung-untungan soalnya^^

    Setuju soal Halilintar, kurang adrenalinnya tuh lebih menantang Kora-Kora

  6. er..saya uda duduk paling belakang untuk Niagara-gara tapi tetep basah tuh.. (kena cipratan air banyak banget sebelum meluncur ke bawah) hehehe

  7. duh jadi pengen ke dufan!! tapi saya juga pengen ke atlantis yang di ancol....

  8. asik ya.. dah lama nggak ke dufan nih.. kalo naik arung jeram, duduk di seberang yang paling berat biar nggak (terlalu) basah..haliintar.. enggak dulu deh, abis ntn final dest 3..

  9. haliintar.. enggak dulu deh, abis ntn final dest 3..

    hahaha, jangan terlalu dipikirin lah, lagipula di dufan kan halilintar ga ada terowongannya kyk di final destination 3 ;)

  10. mao pulangggggggggggggggggggggg.............mao makan saksang...mao makan masakan rumah...mao jalan2...mao ketemu elo..mao dufan..mao puncak..mao bandung..wakakakakkakaka

    wah itu yg blg final desti 3....ati2 juga kalo dateng ke mcd yg stop di pinggir jalan...sapa tao ada truk lepas..wakkakakak...pala na copot de loe...wakakkakakak...

  11. walah hehe gue dah ogahe ke dufan dev. Selaen ngantri n panas nya, koq harga nya mahal yach makin lama..Mending gue wall climbing;p


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