Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Next Destination is… Jakarta?

Natural disasters happen continuously since tsunami in Aceh on December 26, 2004. Earthquakes and volcano eruption in Bantul and Yogyakarta, flood in Sinjai, South Sulawesi, and Makassar, and for current issue; earthquakes followed by tsunami in Pangandaran, West Java.

Is it the approval of the premonition? I have no idea.

I don’t give a damn to those perverts corrupting funds for the victims, no, not at all. It’s just a matter of the arrogance and human selfish by nature, actually.

I watched TV news about two spiritualists Ki Joko Bodo and Ustadz Jeffry gave comments about the second tsunami in West Java. They merely said based on their spiritual beliefs; “Semua bencana yang terjadi ini akibat keserakahan manusia, dan tidak menutup kemungkinan akan terjadi di Jakarta.” (Continuous disasters are process that happened because of human’s greed, and it is not impossible that Jakarta will be the next destination.)

Yes, I strongly agree with their opinion. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t mean to provoke or instigate something which doesn’t have any regular basis through this post. I never wish for another disaster literally.

Maybe it’s a moment of reflection. When human try to exploit the nature selfishly and carelessly by the improvement of technology without a break, –illegal logging, land clearing, fishing bombs and poisons, nuclear power plant, and many more– I think the nature is had enough. And when the nature strikes back, who does dare to resist?


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  1. mudah2an semua baek2 aja...

  2. tapi... tapi... tapi... tapi gue datang ke blog ini kan cuma untuk ngeliatin counternya aja... kalo nggak ada counter, gak mau ah datang ke sini!

  3. halo salam kenal...
    kunjungan balasan neeh..
    maaf yahc kalo komen nya gini, abis bahasa inggris semua, agak susah di cerna :)
    thx dah berkunjung ke 'rumah ku'

  4. Yes, everything happens for a reason. Most of it you can attribute it to a scientific reason. Indonesia is in the "Ring of Fire" at the edge of the Pacific Rim's plate, which makes it very vulnerable to both tectonic and vulcanic natural disasters. That's the reason.

    Human greeds? Yes. Deforestation causes the soil to lose its absorption capacities, causing in floods.

    There are two things in life: 1) what we can control 2) what we can't control. We should do our best for 1). There is no point to get obsessed with 2). All "ramalans" are parts of human's obsession in controling her own destiny. Why bother? There are still many things in 1) that need our attention. Taking care of 1) is called managing our lives wisely. Taking care 2) to a certain degree is called risk management. It has only a credibility to a certain degree based only on our best response to our predictions. Best wishes.

  5. bahhhhhhhh....ATTENTION jgn percaya apa yg ditulis di blog ini yg tentang "My youngest brother has started his own blog! You can read his stories here." itu semua boong...jgn pernah melihat blog itu...wakkakakakka

  6. Link2 nya menarik dev..Btw gue juga berhasil mempengaruhi dd gue buat bikin blog;p

    Disaster..What can I say..

  7. Bhirowo HerusasongkoJuly 21, 2006 11:53 AM

    Kearifan lokal, that's the key word. What laurent said above is very much true, indeed. Since we live in Indonesia, a very geologically active region, we must know how to live in Indonesia. Our daily attitudes must reflect our lifestyle as the inhabitants of a very geologically active area. Mitigation is indeed the best answer for geological disaster, however mitigation is not eough without local wisdom (Kearifan lokal).

    For example, If we are in the beach, then suddenly there's an earthquake then the sea subsides. What are we gonna do? get stunned? fascinated? ato hepi ngeliat ikan menggelepar2? If we don't have local wisdom, we, of course, will be tempted to rush TO the sea to get those fishes. In other words, if we have local wisdom, we will run like a bat outta hell AWAY from the sea, because tsunami wave will come.

  8. cuma musibah yang bisa bikin orang2 serakah introspeksi ya? :(

  9. ga setujuuuu.....bencana ya bencana, ga ada hubungan ma keserakahan. But some people believe in karma, and I fully respect that. For me, karma just a reason for people that can't accept reality.

    btw, ga ngritik loh..cuma personal opinion hehe..nice blog, i'll be here more often

  10. our planet, our home
    save our planet, save our home
    i have no any idea how to save our home
    but i believe something good will make some differences
    hi devi.. :)


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