Friday, July 14, 2006

Nadine Chandrawinata on her road to become Miss Universe 2006

I read this interesting facts about Miss Indonesia 2005, Nadine Chandrawinata, who participates in Miss Universe 2006, that she -surprisingly- didn't able to speak English properly. I agree with Merlyna saying that

Having an accent is not a problem… making some minor grammatical mistakes is forgivable…. but saying that “my admirer is Mother Theresa” and, worse, Indonesia is a beautiful city ……ouch… is too much!! And there’re some other “innocent” things popped up in her interview such as “…just simply person”

Source: Mer's Bites of Bytes

I don't have any idea why stupid things like this could happened. You can also see the video here or the mp3 file here.

Below are
the transcript of the interview by Kendor:
Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: I like to do in my spare time is going out with my friends, with my family, and sharing with the children. Like doing some acti.. uh.. doing some activities, uh... in social work... like campaign for them... and campaign for against, uh... discrimination of women... something like that. campaign for against discrimination of women yeah rite [cliche rating: 10/10]

Q: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?
A: I see myself in ten years ag... she was going to say: ten years ago hehehe I see myself in ten years later simply as a Nadine. And, uh... doing something like.. or... be more mature and express or explore myself and my potential... and doing something for anybo.. uh... doing something for me and everyone. Like, I want to work for the UNICEF, so I can be more active and give more attention for them. give more attention to UNICEF? [cliche rating: 10/10]

Q: Who is your idol?
A: My admi... uh my admire... is Mother Theresa, Mother Theresa admire her hehehe because...uh... she is so humble for me and she uh... she had... she has a beautiful or wonderful personality... So I really adore at hi.. at her adore AT him? yeah rite. [cliche rating: 10/10]

Q: Your friends say you are ...
A: My friends tells that i am friendly... easy-going person, just simply person, nothing "simply" about this! ordinary person, and patient. [cliche rating: 8/10]

Q: What do you want the rest of the world to know about your country?
A: Indonesia is a beautiful city, no wonder we feels so misunderstood LOL* so you should go there to visit by yourself. Because, we have a lot of beautiful beaches and the spectacular mountain, and dramatic of history, and so the people. Because people of Indonesia is really... is really welcome... and really friendly because they like to know more about other country, other belief, other ideas. So come to Indonesia and feel it, and we open.. uh... we open our arms to come to Indonesia.
This is true, whenever we come to Indonesia we open our arms hehehe. [cliche rating: 8/10]

You can also see the video
here or the mp3 file here.

I don't have time to watch her video interview nor the rest of the delegates. But from what I read, I feel sorry for Indonesia letting her join the beauty pageant. Yes, she is pretty and well-shaped figure. But I don't think she's good enough to represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2006. As for me, I'm not saying I'm better than her, because I realize I don't speak English fluently. At least if I were the one who represented Indonesia in international pageant like Miss Universe, I'll take an intensive English course so I wouldn't have to embarass myself worldwide :p

Updated on August 2, 2006: Miss Universe 2006 is Zuleyka Rivera (18) from Puerto Rico. Congratulations!


  1. wakakakkaka i can speak like that one also lah, not that hard to speak english in indo accent, sosial instead of social LOL

  2. hmmm... the positive side after hear it, i just feel more confident :P

  3. OMG that is embarassing yooooooooooo Please Nadine take some english course...

  4. i think next time indonesia indonesians choose putri indonesia, have to look at their ability representing her country!
    as the motto supposedly brain, beauty, and behavior--not only body,beauty,and brainless!!
    Nadine should be given an intensive english course before continuing her road to miss universe pageant in which i think it's rather embarassing for our nation itself!!

  5. u kno what ?? we have a lot of beaches...tadinya gua kira arti yg satunya lagi..hahahaha...abis ngomong nya lebih ga jelas dari gua...wakkakakakak

    idup indonesiaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. suandi-selinarenJuly 14, 2006 10:13 PM

    wew kacao, ta hen stupid lol wekekeke.....
    gile bhs ing campuran yg keren abis...

  7. suandi-selinarenJuly 14, 2006 10:19 PM

    gpp, dia kan dalam proses belajar untuk mahir berbahasa ing, kita janganlah mengejeknya.

  8. OMGWTFBBQ I aM t0ta11y a9r3e tha7 sHeIs a l0t stupid. buttcOme on mY Engr1sh is s0000 like her tOo dont d1ss h3r like d4t your d1ssng m3 too!!!!!!111!!!1!!11!!one!~~


  9. to isabelle:
    I strongly agree with you ;)

    to suandi-selinaren:
    iya, gak mengejek, tapi masalahnya...she could have done better if she wanted to put more efforts to learn English..

    to d:
    well I didn't mean to offend anybody by posting this topic. It's just that..., I can't stand not to post it :p

  10. devi, matur nuwun dah datang ke blogku (hayo kamu salah satu yang menyebabkan blog saya down ngga? hehehe....) dan terutama untuk kata2 dukungan-nya.

    ya, saya cuma merasa bersalah karena transkrip saya terlalu akurat :p


  11. hmmm.....
    nadine is beautiful i think....
    don't you think so???
    but after i read your article i feel emmmm how to say it???
    i don't know but i find her not that attractive anymore.....

  12. My favorite is Miss Colombia...all the way!

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  14. banyak salah kata ya?
    polling di website dia no 1 lo...

  15. dah no 1 yach? hehe kemaren pas gue cek masih di no 4 gitu kalo ga salah..
    hhmm grogi banget kali someway, dia kayak dah 'menghapal' jawaban2 gitu.
    Tapi still, kita kasih dukungan:)

  16. itu baru polling sih, jadi belum ada kepastiannya sampai nanti malam penganugerahannya tgl 23 Juli. lihat saja nanti :)

  17. Hey, at least she tried her best and her words actually have meanings. If you look at miss USA, her english is perfect but her responds are too simple and boring. So guys, please.. give her a break. Viva La Indonesia!

  18. Seems like u dont like her vey much. But she is very beautiful, compare to Miss Malaysia (hidung kembang). Even Siti Nurhaliza pun, dulu, tak pandai English. "How do u like to coffe?". She replied, "In a cup". She also pronouce winnie the pooh as winnie the po-oh. Anyway, like your blog. Do drop by to mine. Regards

  19. @merapuman: no I do not hate her, it's just that I felt pity on her for taking less efforts in her English skill while participating in the beauty pageant


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