Monday, July 31, 2006

I am (not) a Movie Buff

Last weekend (on Saturday, to be precise) I met my so-called net-friend from Bandung, Danu Candra, at eX-Plaza Indonesia. He did not intentionally come to see me; of course, he had his own gathering with his friends from CineFriends mailing list. So, there I was in the middle of movie-buffs crowd. Danu wrote about the gathering (specifically!) here.

Little story about Danu, our first virtual met was on mIRC. I was addicted to raise my score on scramble game at that time, and he was my great competitor! Despite his faster-internet-connection-than-me, he was also a very fast typist. And I was stranded at a time that I encouraged myself to make a private conversation with him, letting him know how much I was desperate about his competitive action. In short, I wanted him to let me win the game! LOL. Well, he is not only my net-friend now, but already being one of my friends in real world. He is so nice, people, because he brought me 20 gepuk Nyong from Bandung! *grin* Thank you very much, Dan. J

As for today, I just saw The Lake House at Anggrek 21 along with Karina, Sabine, J-Oh, and my brother. The movie was directed by Argentinian director Alejandro Agresti, is based on the Jeon Ji-Hyun Korean hit, Il Mare, which happens to be the name of the house that both movies are centered around.

Here’s a synopsis I copied from ELLE Magazine (Singapore edition):

Dr. Kate Forster (Bullock) feels it’s time for a change in her life and decides to leave her suburban practice for a job at the busy Chicago hospital. In doing so, she must leave behind the beautiful lake house that she has been living in. She decides to leave a note for the new owner in the mailbox asking him to forward future mail to her and explaining the state of the house. When Alex Wyler (Reeves) finally reads the note, the state of the house is completely different –dilapidated and in need of severe reconstruction. They soon find out that they are in fact living two years apart (Alex in 2004 and Kate in 2006) and are miraculously able to correspond with each other.

I was not interested to see the movie, but since Karina refused to watch Miami Vice (she is not keen to watch action movie) I didn't have any choice to make.

Before watching the movie, we had lunch at Pizza Hut on the 3rd floor. Actually only 3 of us –Karina, Sabine, and me– had meals. J-Oh caught up with us shortly afterwards. Yes we were surely having a chit-chat; schools, girlfriends, boyfriends of our girlfriends, holiday, and trip to US! J-Oh invited us to spend holidays in US! She promised to take care of our accommodation and left the transportation to Fara *LOL*. Speaking about Disneyland as one of our destinations, J-Oh and I have the same interest; riding thrilling rollercoaster and tower-of-terror to put on our adrenaline. Karina and Sabine are vice versa. Karina prefers Cinderella show to rollercoaster, and Sabine remains silent. She doesn’t agree with any of us.

When it goes to our future plan, Karina will have her graduation soon on July next year. She plans to work in Singapore. J-Oh still has 2 years to go to complete her Bachelor’s Degree. And for Sabine and me, we still need plenty time to be able to practice as a medical doctor. *hiks*

About being specialist doctor, argh, I don’t have time to think that far. In fact, Sabine and I may consider business for Master’s Degree. LOL. It is really absurd, guys. Pay no attention to it.

But 4 of us have one conclusion, no matter what we will be in the future, we still have to search for our companion (read: husband) and we believe, he will make us feel –just fine.


  1. @ari: err..girls talk :p hehehe

  2. good. that's how you should think. the one who will treat you just fine. btw, are you related with 'ompung' tanah abang ?

  3. seems you had real great day ;D so nice!

  4. @jordan: yes, they were my grandparents from father-side. did you know them as well?

    @kristee: hell yeah! hopefully tomorrow morning we will have another chit-chat :D or slumber party might be? LOL

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. The superman is not my work, someone email them to me. Most of the jokes r from freinds. Hv any? pls send it over. I will publish and link back to u. I recently watched 'inside man' - denzel washington, clive owen. Great movie, if compared to Superman Return.

  6. baru baca di imdb.. filmnya bagus dev? nonton aaah..

  7. @hengky: bagus ato ga sih relatif ya. klo menurut saya sih (sebagai awam), filmnya ok2 aja. alur ceritanya datar2 aja. buat yg lagi pacaran jarak jauh, ini film yg pas :D

  8. Such a nice quiet gathering. Thank you come again!

  9. alaaaaaa.. film buat pasangan ya? buat yang terpisah jauh pula!? pasti galau2 sepanjang film :D

    film buat yang single2 aja ada yang bagus nggak akhir2 ini? :P

  10. gepuk apaan seeh? mau dong kalo enak

  11. Hai Devi
    From your first name I thought that you are an Indian.
    Do you know what Devi means in India
    You are indeed as beautiful as Devi

  12. gilingan ampe sok gw !!! gw kira elo bininya bosgwygguanteng ituh fiuhhh...ampir ajah..abis pic bosgwygguanteng mayan banyak gw taro di blog gw hehehehehe teteup usaha bowww

  13. @danu: yeah, it could've been more loud :D

    @hengky: apa vice ama pirates 2 hehehe monster house jg mayan tuh kyknya..

    @aribowo: gepuk..daging sapi cincang gtu kali yah...gimana cara jelasinnya..khas bandung gtu..

    @depaak gopi: thank you very much!

    @dahlia: hahaha...gila lo yah? mudah2an deh calon suami gw ganteng buanget :p hehehe

  14. gepuk ya? gepuk nyonya yong? yang kalau dimakan cukup pakai sambal dan nasi panas... hmmmm
    .. nungguin monster house aja deh.. kayaknya seru :D

  15. whoaa jd pgn nonton...
    calon LDR nih:(

  16. Mauu devv gepuk nya...
    Hehe gue mo midnite silent hill nichh...

  17. That Deepak loves throwing the compliments about doesn't he!!

  18. nonton terus deh lo lupa deh kerjaan

  19. gua setuju banget tuh sama si "COKYDAY" "nonton terus deh lo lupa deh kerjaan"....

    bener banget tuh...loe liat aja dokter sampe ga selese mah mendingan ke laut aja sono nyelem yg dalam....wakakkakaka

  20. rofl mirc. dude does that chat program even still exists today ?

    and miami vice... eh. never dug it. theres collin farrell though. shit hes hawt till he starts talkin. that accent is so distracting. what god, what eye candy [drools]...

  21. @hengky: yup2. jd laper lol

    @spedaman: wah2..calon LDR? moga2 awet terus ya ;)

    @icha: sini cha, ke rmh gw ya hehe

    @rikki: think so :D

    @cokyday: masih liburan nih..dan blom kerja juga, masih anak kuliahan :)

    @andrew: masih liburan oiii :p

    @debbie: it still does, I think. I have no idea since I've never been there anymore.

  22. dev.. fotonya kerenn.. ky lagi launching film.. ud gt gw pas d tengah, jd kaya peran utamanya.. hahaha..

  23. @karin: hahaha...ok're the man! ;)


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