Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another game to play: Paintball!

Adeline invited me to join the game on July 23, at Gunung Putri. We were a little bit late to start (it should be at 10 am) because we had to wait for other friends of her brother. My mom was dropping me by at Adeline's house at 8.15. The name of the paintball game is Brigade 3234. (What a military name, isn't it?) Road to the place wasn't as smooth as I think, even though already got the map, it was still confusing. I'll give you some clues. After signing out from Tol Gate of Keranggan, take a right turn. Just follow the main road until you find a big board of Brigade 3234, then you turn left. The street is wavy and muddy, so be careful if you drive a sedan. We (Anthony, Andre, Adeline, Michel, and I) arrived first at 9.50. While we were waiting for the others, we tried few shots, and played chess.

Finally, 11 of us; Devi, Adeline, Michel, Anthony, Andre, Jeffry, Teddy, Nina, Dea, Bram, and Clement, started the battle around 11 am. We were divided into 2 teams. The team A was consisted of Adeline, Devi, Teddy, and Jeffry. (FYI: Jeffry is considered as 2 persons because of his huge body *LOL*) And the rest was put into team B.

We had to dress up; wearing military uniforms, google, and helmet. We chose semi-auto gun package, so each of us was charged IDR 88,000 per game. The package already includes semi-auto gun, military uniforms, google, helmet, first 25 paint bullets, and 2x20 minutes game outdoor (as for ladies, a plastic body-protection will be given). If you wish to have more bullets, IDR 32,500 will be charged for a package of 40 paint bullets.

After changing clothes, we had a short briefing in Commando Post. We were given how-to-operate-the-gun, the rules of the games and game option. The commander offered 2 options; Capturing the Flag or Killing Field. Capturing the Flag is taking enemies' flag on their base by one person (only) and bringing it to his/her base camp, whereas Killing Field is much more easier (I think), simply kill all of your enemies. Capturing the Flag requires a very-good team work whereas Killing Field is based on individual's performance.

We played both, and it was really fun! (yet completely exhausting, for sure) Clement shot me on the neck! Ouch! It was hurt, man. I got him on the head in 2nd game, he didn't notice at first because he said he didn't feel anything (the helmet covered it) but the referee called him for signing off, LOL. We were finished around 1 pm and went straight to Baji Pinai at Kelapa Gading Boulevard for lunch.


  • Brigade 3234 is located on Jl. Gunung Putri Utama II, Gunung Putri. Phone: (62-21) 8673234.
  • No outside food and drinks allowed.
  • Some price of drinks; Teh Botol, AQUA (in 600ml bottle), and any soft drinks (by bottle) IDR 7,000. Pocari Sweat and any soft drinks (by cans) IDR 10,000.


  1. It seemed that you guys had a blast! Thanks for your visit @ Basa Basi.

  2. seru ya.. dah lama pengen main, nggak pernah sempat.. :(

  3. wah keliatan nya seru yach, jadi inget game counter strike

  4. Cool! Now the question is... who wants to paint my ball?

  5. to barry:
    yes we did. very much welcome :)

    to hengky:
    ayo coba, seru!! capek juga LOL.

    to aribowo:
    hehe...iya mirip, tp ini di hutan (byk nyamuk) dan senapannya mayan berat, huhu

    to d:
    u tell me :p

  6. apa kabar ! nice to see yall had fun.

  7. kemaren ini gue maen yang di Alam Sutera dev..Kalo soal kualitas medan tempur nya gue ga komen dech hehe soalnya gue blum pernah ke yang loe pegi itu. Kalo soal harga..Hmm kemaren ini 72K (Harga student) dah termasuk 20 peluru..Kalo mau tambah peluru, tambah 32K buat 40 peluru hehe
    Tapi iyaa..seruuu bangettttt:)

  8. wew wew very very peachy game! :) btw, have a nice weekend devi :)

  9. to debbie (lastlifeinmyuniverse):
    baik! hello there..

    to lisiani:
    oh ya? lebih murah donk >.< tp yoi cape bgt kan.. masih mao cobain wall climbing? hehehe

    to kristee:
    hell yeah! have a nice weekend to you too, and everyone else :D

  10. hmm
    i want to do it too but i never had a chance to...
    devi next time you want to do it tell me ok (invite me too :p)
    ribowo you play cs too?

  11. omg you found my name !

    dude, paintball like seriously kicks ass.

  12. @debbie: hehe, yes, from your guestbook :D have you played it?

  13. waaa brigade 3234, kita pernah ke sana utk memuaskan diri setelah bertahun-tahun maen counter-strike! so much fun in real world, yang gak pernah olahraga bisa langsung blackout :))

  14. ummmm unfortunately no. however, i once dated a dude who was all into paintballing and whatnot. he collected these paintball ammunitions and laid em out neatly in his bedroom...

    k i admit ive dated some pretty f*cked up weirdos rofl.

  15. Mupengggg.... Sorry ga bisa ikutan. Seruan mana sama laser zone yang dulu sempet famous di Timezone TA?

  16. @jno: ok, laen kali pasti diajakin.

    @fernando: yeap, dehidrasi bow...hahaha...pdhl cuma 2x20min..

    @tika: mao ikutan? kapan2 diajakin lagi deh ya.. (klo masih berminat hehe)

    @debbie: oh, ok.. no worries..

    @winda: seruan paintball lah! nyata sakitnya!! hahaha...

  17. Wah..seru banget tuh...jadi inget masa muda saya...he.he.he..he..

  18. Wah..seru banget tuh...jadi inget masa muda saya...he.he.he..he..

  19. walau banyak nyamuk and senjata nya berat tetep asik kan

  20. wah kayanya asik tuh hehehehe, kayanya bisa nih tanding .. iseng blogwalking

  21. mao maen euy..nanti gua pulang kit amaen yak ???hahahahahahaha...

    gua tembak di mata loe sama di kuping biar ga rada oon..hahahahahaha LOL

  22. better game for busyman
    wah2 asik banget tapi kita harus bisa nyari2 partner yg hebat kale !!!!

  23. barter link nyok mau gak??
    aq tau blog lo dari ari
    aq temen na aribowo
    [gw newbie nih]

  24. @harrie: wah masa mudanya suka maen perang2an ato perang beneran?

    @aribowo: yoi..

    @andrew: nyolot!! :p

    @caphunk: tanding gimana? berani deh..

    @cokyday: boleh2 aja...

  25. de.. lake house jelek
    mendingan miami vice sptnya

  26. hehe mau ikut dev wall climbing?
    around next week?

  27. @versayanti: lol..lo ye yg mao nonton :p

    @lisiani: duh, abis pasang kuku palsu ne, gimana ya...takut patah...huahahahaha...

  28. mampir nich...
    menarik sekali blog anda dan saya menyukainya..
    oh ya ada sedikit info nich tentang bibit jabon semoga bermanfaat...


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