Saturday, July 08, 2006

Against All Odds

Today I meet some of my old friends since primary and secondary school. It supposed to be a so-called small reunion, but since there were only 8 persons, I called it “gathering”. Winda was suddenly going to Garut for family matters, Putri was ill, Dhini went to US for holiday, Oen (aka Lorencia) and Harris had same reasons; went with their family, and Angga who was expected to come, went to Puncak with his Singaporian friends.

First meeting point was my old school, Tarakanita 3. After completing the people, we went to Plaza Senayan, spending approximately 3 hours by chit-chat, drinks, and taking pics at Coffee Club.

I was quite happy with the meeting. We talked almost everything; from RUU APP to philosophy of life. Many secrets revealed. The main thing is “NOTHING PERMANENT BUT CHANGES.” And living in Jakarta is very hard if you don’t have the money.

Below are some profiles of the meeting people;
Yusuf Abid Hasny (Abid). Currently study at FISIP-HI, Moestopo University. About him; persuasive and argumentative speaker (he knows a lot about history and up-to-date world news), humorous, and low profile. Still the same old Abid.

Jakarta itu keras, Dev.” --Abid

Andris Juliawan (Andris). Currently study at Hospitality, Trisakti University. About him; RESUME member, sarcastic humors but honest, hard worker, and friendly. He is about to pursue a hospitality training as front office at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore for the next 6 months with his 12 friends. He will depart from Soekarno-Hatta airport tomorrow morning. I was quite shocked about his career now cos he used to be a rebel guy who didn’t hesitate to be involved in school brawl, LOL. He did change a lot. Good job and I’m wishing you a very best of luck, dude!

Gideon Hutagalung (Gideon).
Currently study at STIE Trisakti. About him; trustfund baby, RESUME member, and reckless (he didn’t care about his overheat car and instead of buying some water, he simply calm and said that he already has another car) oohh boy… However, I think he has learnt something from the past. He admitted to have problems with determining his priorities thus making his education progressed slowly.

Widita Swastiasti (Dita).
Currently study at Deakin University, Bachelor of Arts. About her; talkative, friendly to old friends (she said sorry and explained why she couldn’t see me at Melbourne last February), and her mom is still participating actively in Tarakanita 3 events (there will be a bazaar benefit at Balai Kartini on August 30, 2006). She refused to tell about her Malaysian boyfriend who Dwi always mocked as a “terrorist”. She will have graduated by November 2007 and get back to Jakarta for good. She changes a lot.

Michael Edward (Michael). Currently study at FSRD (Fakultas Seni Rupa & Desain) Trisakti. About him; RESUME member, still nice, and showing his love expressively to his girlfriend, Tika, who came and joined us at Coffee Club. I was shocked when he kissed Tika on the lips several times in front of us. Maybe I just don’t use to see it in public places. He changes pretty much, I suggest…

Edbert Mulyadi (Ebo).
Currently study at Electrical Engineering, ITHB-Bandung. About him; non-smoker, RESUME member, slim and slender, and friendly. Fuh thank God he stops smoking! LOL. By the way, he wishes that someday in the future, Indonesia Tatler magazine will interview him.

Dwi Septika Herawati (Dwi).
Currently study at FILKOM, USNI (Universitas Satya Negara Indonesia). About her; friendly as always, talkative! She had a duet (featuring) with Glenn Fredly on Cinta Silver OST “Selalu Tersenyum”. She is able to ride a motorbike and looking for part-time job now.

Last but not least, I met Ari Wibowo (Ari) at McDonalds, STC, before going home with Abid. He works there as part-timer. He currently studies at STF (Sekolah Tinggi Filsafat) Driyarkara. He used to be a golden boy who achieved top of the class in junior high.

Overall, I just finally reckon that we’ll never know what will happen next in the future based on our present. But I do really hope it will be a good one.


  1. Hmmm describing people with smokes. Good idea! How about doing your entire friends this way? :D

  2. hmm lemme clarify, how about describing all of your friends by the smoke they smoke? :p

  3. Wah Dev...
    whats his name.. damn.. the one who got lung cancer.. r u serious? omg... ck ck ck.

    Smoking definitely crush life man. huauhuaha......

    Were those the only ones who came? yahh...

    But cool update tho.

  4. Devi,

    If you would like me to add you to my site, then you have to add me here first.

    Email me back if/when you set up the link!


  5. euy dev,

    bgs jg blogs lo, heuhuee plus bahasa inggrisny top puny deh boleh ne ajarin gw kpn2..

    well GBU

  6. Geez, honestly I don't like to hang out with smokers. It's not to be taken personally though; I just don't like to breath the smoke.

    BTW, nice post, I like the way you depicted some changes in your friends' character :)


  7. Huaaa... kangen sama anak2 tarki nih! So sowry gw ga bisa dtg kmaren... Hmm, kapan bikin reuni lagi?

  8. Gw seh sebenernya biasa2 aja pas ketemu yang laen,cuman sayang kurang lengkap(mungkin itu yang bikin suasananya kemaren kurang greget).Tapi yang bikin gw seneng pas anak2(yang dimulai dari dwi) udah mulai ngebicarain arti hidup trus yang berkelanjutan dengan negara(which is ini topik yang paling gw suka).Disini gw terus terang terpesona dengan pemikiran gideon yang fantastik, dwi yang paradoks menurut gw(ga tau menurut yang laen), ampe devi yang menurut gw agak sedikit/ kurang open minded terhadap islam,sori neh bukan bermaksud membuka front ke elo dev(sori juga neh kalo komen gw paling panjang diantara yang laen), tapi islam itu yang indah ajarannya, bukan orangnya, kalo orang itu menjalankan dengan konsekuen sesuai dengan yang ditentukan hasilnya indah (for example Aa' Gym), tapi kalo "kurang bener" tapi menganggap dirinya "bener" itu yang buru2 dianggap sama orang laen yang tidak/kurang tahu Islam bahwa Islam itu ya seperti itu.Sebelum dan sesudahnya Sorry ya dev kalo sale2 kate

  9. ampe devi yang menurut gw agak sedikit/ kurang open minded terhadap islam

    Bukan begitu Biet, buktinya ampe skrg gw bae2 aja kan temenan ama elo, Winda, Dwi, Dita dll. Gw cuma sebel aja ama ormas2 yg mengatasnamakan agama dan membuat kekacauan. Gak usah terlalu diambil hati gtu donk ;)


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