Saturday, June 24, 2006

Somebody has to shoot a picture!

Since I read Media Indonesia last week, I was kinda obsessed to take a picture which related to World Cup 2006 and attributes. It wasn’t because of my interest to soccer, but merely about the money they offered in an advertisement on the newspapers and website.

Along my way to go home after exercising at eX yesterday, I saw a bunch of people were watching match Ukraine vs Tunisia on SCTV through a 14-inches TV across Kali Pal Merah. And when my car was passing them, I was like “OMG, somebody has to shoot a picture!”. My mom surprised and pulled over the car soon after I explained why the heck I badly wanted to take their picture. It’s worth IDR 250,000 if your picture is published on the newspapers. So why would I miss it? :p It was impossible to take a shot from the car cos I wouldn’t get from the good angle right?

Frankly I hesitated to go back for a shot. (The car was about 4 meters away from them) What should I do if they refuse? Or get mad? But my mom convinced me that everything is gonna be just fine. I just wanted to take a shot anyway. So I walked towards them and said, “Excuse me, can I take a shot here, when you guys watch the game?”

They answered friendly, “Sure. Not a big deal.”

And here is the picture I’ve sent by e-mail soon as I got home:

It was very funny! I’m really blissful I can get this picture after searching around for long time with my digital camera. LOL.

Updated on July 23, 2006: World Cup 2006 in Germany is over. My picture wasn't published on the newspapers, so I didn't get the money prize. So sad, but thanks for your comment, Dan! Really appreciate it. ;)

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  1. Man, you actually have some guts to walk out of the car and ask those guys to take their picture. I have to give you a big prop for that. Kudos!

    Anyway, it would have been better if you show their faces and their reactions as well, because I think that's the most interesting aspect of taking picture of other people. Of course, that may lead up to difficulties in legality, but still, it would have made a better picture.

    Anyway, good job and keep taking picture!


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