Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Opportunity as freemagz.com Contributor

I was opening my e-mail at campus’ library by chance before the class began. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to freemagz to ask how to get the payment for my contribution. And I saw a reply this morning. I planned to take it after class, but since I didn’t know the address for sure I asked my brother to accompany me. He was exercising at eX when I rang him, so he told me to go there for a waffle with one scoop of ice cream on top, whipped cream and maple syrup. Yummy!

We enjoyed 50% discount for waffles (Tuesday only) at Gelare, Plaza Indonesia. Afterwards, we went straight to freemagz office on Jl. R.P.Soeroso no 32, 5th floor, Cikini-Gondangdia. I already contacted the office to ask the exact location regardless its address.

I got there on 3.35 pm and met Mr.Denny Halim (the guy that sent me a reply who is also known as head of web development as I read on the magazine) in person. He asked me about my writings experience and told me about vacancy in his website. I was really glad to help for sure, but I already conveyed about my study which made me hardly have spare time. Nevertheless, I love writing and truly excited to be full time or part time contributor. :)


  1. i suggest u start writing now, instead of updating the blog, u better start makin' a story and submit it to freemag or something else.... it might be gut for you....

  2. heyy by updating blog, i also practice my writing skill mate :p

    thx 4 ur suggestion anw..


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