Monday, June 12, 2006

My article is published!

I'm so ecstatic today! Cos my article entitled "Termakan Rayuan Iklan" for free magazine "Speak Your Mind" is being published today (edition 06/5th anniversary)! It's just my opinion actually, about deceiving advertisement. I was pessimistic at first time since my brother didn't really like it, but it's published without editing (completely my writings) that's why I'm so damn happy about it! Besides, I also will be given IDR 100,000 as publishing honor. Frankly I wrote it in order to get the money :) I don't intend to be a writer cos I think it's not my cup of tea *LOL*

The front page of the website.

Aha! See, that's my name! It's really surprising!

My full article.

I also got an e-mail from djakarta! the magazine which noticed me that my letter-to-the-editor were published twice; on the next edition no. 74 and past edition no. 71. She confirmed to ask me to give my personal data to complete the form for taking the prizes. From the magazine, I think I'll get quiksilver wallet and Reebok t-shirt. However, currently I'm not able to contact her cos whenever I send a reply, delivery failure notification will pop-up in my inbox soon after. It said that the domain ( was unknown. I was trying to seek for a phone number of the office, but I didn't get any. Just a list of e-mails. So I tried one by one. Hopefully I can get my prizes soon.


  1. Read it.

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    The bad thing abt budget flights, I think, is that you flight's more likely to be cancelled, but you'll still be compensated.

    But for Indo, the best way to get a cheap flight is ask your travel agent, lol. Then you can compare the true prices of diff flights.

  2. Yeap I read it!

    Thx for da infos.
    To live in Indo is merely to hell with hoaxes *LOL*


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