Friday, June 09, 2006

Life’s Greatest Lessons

What makes me live for today? I think the answer is A GIFT. That’s why they call it PRESENT. I never asked to be born, but here I am, stuck in bicultural family which taught me life’s greatest lessons from every member.

  1. When somebody told me that I was a stupid, I learnt to be smart. I read a lot of books, went to courses, anything to be smarter than yesterday. Maybe I’m an inquisitive idiot but I promised myself nobody will ever call me stupid again! Saying someone’s stupid won’t make u smarter.
  2. When somebody told me that I would never make it so far, I learnt to make far into a distant. It encouraged me to believe myself. Hence I will make them to swallow their own spit.
  3. When I witnessed someone I had ever respected so much unexpectedly broke my biggest dream, I learnt that nice people won’t always do good things, they do sins too. Remember one thing, once u lose someone’s faith on u, that’s it. Game over. There’s no such thing like second chance.
  4. When somebody stabbed me from the back, I guarantee they will have my payback! I won’t do the same thing for sure. But whenever I have a chance to speak, I’m gonna roar it like a lion so it will be notoriously noticeable. Furthermore, don’t ever wish to bring back my respect. It’s already gone with the wind.

For whom it may concern;

I realize I don’t study abroad but I can speak in English, not so fluent but I think I’m not bad either. I know I haven’t traveled around the world but I’m not stupid. My parents may not have money as much as u do, but I do have a spirit to live in dignity. I believe in circle of life; u will not always be on top, sometimes when the circle is rolling, u may be on the bottom as well. Thanks a lot for giving me greatest lessons of life.

“Because of u, I’ll never stray too far from the sidewalk. Because of u, I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt. Because of u, I’m ashamed of my life because it’s empty.” –Kelly Clarkson


  1. Dear devi,
    saya datang lagi (sorry, gak bisa bhs inggris, jadi bhs indonesia aja ya?). Saya cuma ngundang, siapa tahu devi tertarik. Ada milis namanya, Di sana banyak sekali orang Simalungun diskusi tentang apa saja. Terutama tentang bagaimana memajukan Sim. Devi juga mungkin tahu, makin banyak orang nggak bisa bahasa Sim, nggak ngerti adat Sim. Dan, di sana mungkin devi bisa ikut diskusi. Rame dan saya jamin, semua orangnya baik2 aja kok. Berharap sekali orang2 seperti devi yang udah makan asam garam bisa bagi2 pandangannya ke kita2. Anyway, saya juga bukan apa2 di sana. Peserta biasa aja kok

  2. syalom
    sy seneng bgt setelah baca sy ingin sekali bergabung, agar saya bs mempelajari budaya simalungun, slam kenal


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