Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fitness Trend (updated)

P.S: Thanks to Adeline for editing this post upon the grammars, chosen of words, and consistency of using American English :)
Fitness centers at malls have been a trend for the last 3 years. I need to underline the location
at malls, since there are many other fitness centers built long time ago. Celebrity Fitness may be the pioneer when they opened their first club at eX-Plaza Indonesia in 2003. Fitness trend at malls were booming yet it still made Celebrity Fitness very popular. Today it has 11 clubs in Indonesia and growing.

I joined
Celebrity Fitness (CF) on May 2005 to reduce my weight and for the sake of a healthy lifestyle. *grin* I've been participating pretty actively in its classes such as body combat, RPM, street jam, jazzercise, etc. I enjoy my membership benefits even though lately I rarely use it.

Fitness First (FF) expanded their wings to Indonesia and had their first club at Plaza Semanggi in 2005. I visited their club when they have their soft-opening on May 2005 right after I joined Celebrity. First impression about the club: SO NARROW! They divided 1600m2 into 3 different floors which were connected by stairs. I didn't like it at all. I saw their lounge which provides free drinks (water, softdrinks, tea) but still, it was too small. In addition to that, the location is definitely not strategical. Plaza Semanggi has a worsened parking problems for sure!

FF has learnt from its mistake regarding its club location. After having the 2nd club at Cibubur Junction, more clubs are coming soon at Taman Anggrek apartment on August 4 and Senayan City on July 1, 2006. More clubs will open at Grand Indonesia shopping town, Gandaria Main Street and Kota Casablanca (2008).

My mom and I were invited by phone to get to know more about
Fitness First pre-sale this afternoon at Taman Anggrek Mall. They are giving away free joining fees and discount for monthly fees that end today. They explained the better value of Fitness First, compared with Celebrity Fitness. E.g. locker rooms which use the more secure card swipe system (in CF, we have to bring our own padlocks), swimming pools (which CF don't have), more varieties of free drinks (water-only in CF), and more clubs to access all over the world for passport-holding members (FF have 460 clubs internationally incl. in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and many more) but CF have fewer. As for hygiene, FF give headphones to every member upon joining the club so that they can listen to the cardio theatre without having to share it with others. In CF, it is vice versa.

Fitness First offer membership fees starting from IDR 330,000 (home and no towels) up to IDR 595,000 (passport) per month excluding
IDR 250,000 administration fee, whereas the fees in Celebrity Fitness start from IDR 297,000 (under 22yrs old) up to IDR 888,000 (all club). However, CF also offer packages to pay in advance for 3yrs (Emmy), 6yrs, or a lifetime (diamond) that will make the monthly fee much cheaper than usual. Somehow I just think that CF's packages are just to keep their members from switching to FF. Lately I just got infos that CF have been giving these packages from their first opening.

Poor CF management has made me think twice to sign out and move to
FF. Their lack of appreciation to their personal trainers (PT) is the main reason why most of them have moved to FF. My former PT told me that they were only paid IDR 25,000 per session when in fact CF charge IDR 180,000 per session. CF is so tight! How can CF keep good PTs if they don't care for them?

About CF service; they are often careless about maintaining their facilities. I often see lockers, hairdryers, showers, steam rooms, and other equipments broken but they don't fix them ASAP. But when it comes to member
ship payment, once u're late, they'll ring u for hundreds of times until u settle the payment. Don't u think customer satisfaction is the highest priority?


  1. Hmm... a couple weeks ago, i got an offer for Fitness First. since the price is so damn high, i was like thinking for a hundred times to sign up... heheheh.... is it worthed to go there dev?

  2. err..depends on the location and ur willing to exercise for sure :D

    the promotion fee is fine, considering facilities they provide. but if u are too busy with uni stuffs and too tired to exercise, so DON'T DO IT cos it will waste ur money.'s up urs now..

  3. HAH !!!!

    kok bahasa bule...ngak ngerti neh !!

    eh ikut acara kopdar blogfam yuk...

    liat di blogfam yah
    tret peristiwa darat tentang

    launching buku KUMCER

    jangan lupa dateng...

    dan cari gw

    hahahahaha sapa gw lageee

  4. Irvan FerdiawanJuly 28, 2008 10:04 AM

    I just joined FF yesterday. Great package i think... i got free joining fee and lower rate monthly fee. so i just spend 370 a month without towel membership and when i move my job to menara bca i just upgrade my membership without any additional cost. nice atmosfere for workout... still same with so many gay man but they are friendly person actually. So i think today Fitness First still victory. If readers interest to join into Fitness First i can introduce you to my sales representative to give you free joining fee also. just drop your message to my email at, i will promote u to get free joining fee and i will get bags cause promoting u so win win solution right hehehehe...

    For devi thanks for this comment box and keep success

  5. Hai Devi, i was reading your blog and i decided to a lil bit of comment/opinion here. Hopefully you don't mind.

    I was a CF member for more than a year,but then i moved. I'm now a member of FF Tmn Anggrek, i took the basic package (Home and no towel) and as all the FF members know, they just increased the monthly fee as much as Rp 19.000. I don't mind to pay it, but there are things that i can't understand and it makes me upset. Such as:
    1. Ladies' shower rooms don't have any key AT ALL(if you comes from any other FF center, then you know that they use a "latch" for the shower)

    2. If i come at nite to practice and going for the shower, most of the times the hot water isn't working.

    3. It's true that FF provides more on the drinking options, but what we need during/after the workout is the water, and if some of you don't know yet, they don't served aqua/ whatever brand of mineral water, but they use the machines that can processed tap water into a drinking water. (Cleanliness?? sometimes i can even smell the chloride)

    4. Human resources/marketing/front desk people, they're all so arrogant comparing to any other fitness center. No smiles for you when you come,i mean they are the front desk!don't you think it would be nice to come to a place where you've paid the membership and you feel welcome there? Don't they get the training? or it's the basic rule from FF mgmt?

    5. It's true that FF PT's qualification is much better than what they have in CF, but it doesn't guarantee their professionalism towards their clients (I had experienced this few times, short notice from the PT to tell you that your practice hour is changed. I had my schedule confirmed a day before, but on the day apparently my PT was teaching another client!!). So, if you're planning just to work out there by yourself you don't have to be worried about this thing. In case you would like to have a trainer, ask as many details as you can before you signed any agreement.

    Then again..everything depends on everyone's point of view/opinion. Thanks.

  6. @anonymous: thanks for leaving comments, I do appreciate it. I totally forgot about this posting, until you came up and raved about FF. Nice! Apparently up till now, I'm still a loyal member of CF :D

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