Sunday, June 04, 2006

Education Expo and Memories related

I went to edlink+connex education expo at Sasana Mulyo ballroom, Le Meredien Hotel, Jakarta. I didn't come to see the expo in purpose, but to deliver my brother's stuffs to Jessy (his guardian) who apparently became one of the spokepersons in edlink+connex's talkshow. I got there around 1 pm, parked my car in basement and passed through a wrong entry (I noticed it after I got in cos it was covered by white curtain *LOL* and hence I saw another entry). I thought it was gonna be just like any other edu-expo; stands of schools and several institutions related to education. I had no idea about the talkshow, well fortunately they still had 2 available seats for me and my mom although it wasn't in the same row. From the announcement attached on the wall, I knew it began at 11 am. So I missed the discussion for about two hours rite? Not a big deal cos frankly I was fed up with all of infos about studying overseas since I realised it was not for me. I was once trying to go for university at US; already applied on-line for 2 uni (Minnesota Twin Cities and University of South Carolina) and had SAT test for sake! But my f*cking uncle (my dad's big brother) refused it for crap reasons I-don't-need-to-mention. I hate him to the bone! It was my biggest dream he had taken. Well but life goes on, it was just an old memories. (even though I still hate him anyway)

By the way, I have got some conclusions from the sharing upon the talkshow;
  1. One thing for sure, your Academic Skills and ability to communicate in English is required.
  2. Responsibility of the child is a MUST in order to continue his/her study abroad. Show and prove it to your parents that u are trustworthy and responsible. Eventually they will let u to decide which country u would prefer.
  3. Generally, youngsters having a bright future in their jobs are likely afraid to lose their opportunities when they continue their studies. In my opinion, everybody has their own option, rite? I'm sure a boss won't want to be driven by his employee ;)
  4. When there was a question about overqualified ended up in rejection, I heard a very wise answer from Chief of HRD, one of the spokeperson;
    "It's true that some companies may reject overqualified application. FYI, people who had Master degree was rare in the past. That's why when a company had to upgrade its employee's knowledge, they were given scholarships to study overseas. As time goes by, lots of graduate students have their Master degree abroad and compete to seek a job in Indonesia. Based on my experience, those who had Master degree from abroad, were having less chance to get eliminated from the first preliminary round. U know why? Cos when I opened a vacancy, they were hundreds applications came in 3 post sacks! I gave the first selection to Cleaning Service or Office Boy. I was not joking. That was the fact. Well of course when they opened the application they had to see the GPA and university he/she came from. But can u see the different? When they saw a certificate in language which they didn't understand, they classified it in special group instead of throwing it to the bin."
  5. I am getting more jealous with my brother to study abroad *LOL*

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  1. selalu aje sirik....susah ya sirikan nya di ilangin ? da mendarah daging kah ? hehehehe duh mo exam malah baca bloh kamu ne....

  2. haha..rese lo..belajar sono :p

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