Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber

I saw the movie this afternoon on StarWorld. I didn't see it from the beginning, but I think the movie, which based on a best-seller book by Adele Lang, had a very good message. It tells about the chronicles of Katya Livingston, a self-centered, obnoxious and conceited 28-year-old advertising sales executive who won't let anything or anyone stand in her way in getting to the top of the San Francisco social ladder. It starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as Katya, a cloying, lying advertising executive who is more concerned with being a well known socialite than being a good person.

Despite all critics about Hewitt's acting, who according to some people she didn't fit the ruthless Katya as she is still known mostly from teen dramas and horror movies, I think she did well for the role. Even though I think Hewitt is too sweet of an actress to do a credible job playing a "bad girl", don't you think she doesn't have to be a social climber with a cute face and nice-shape-body she got?

I hate Katya Livingston for being a liar (she lies about her credentials to get the job and many more), animal murderer (she kills his boss' gold fish and iguana by giving them wrong food), and bitchy (she sleeps with her friend's boyfriend).

Nevertheless, she does a good deed too. She sends a package of Rice Roni to her adopted son (whom she adopts to avoid tax inspection) in Uganda, yet making people at the ball respect her. FYI, she is uninvited to the ball but she insists to come, even by climbing the wall with high heels!

The movie is very predictable, for sure, at the end, she reveals everything. Sad but true. It's about social satire which common happens in the society. As for myself, maybe I'd do everything to be a popular socialite. But I realise that being known for a good person is more important than being a fraud for a lifetime.

And guess what? Her real name is Kathy.


  1. hobi nonton juga ya? suka film2 apa aja? di bandung agak susah kalo mau cari film yang aneh2.. ada saran?

  2. lumayan :)

    basicly suka apa aja, yg penting ceritanya ga muluk2 dan cengeng mulu. lebih suka sih film2 yg punya ide cerita dari kisah nyata kyk Remember The Titans (ttg diskriminasi ras kulit hitam di Amerika), Miracle Workers (ttg Hellen Keller), Against The Ropes (ttg promotor tinju wanita yg terkenal Jackie Kallen), trus ada juga film utk tv Homeless to Harvard (kisah Liz Murray yg anak piatu & miskin tp mao berusaha keras dan akhirnya dpt beasiswa ke Harvard).

    selain itu sih saya juga demen nonton festival film meskipun ga rajin2 amat ikutin tiap tahunnya. pernah nonton Festival Film Australia "Looking For Alibrandi" dan Festival Film Perancis "Homo Hommes..." (lupa judulnya, susah sih, hehehe) yg ceritanya lain dari yg lain.

    klo susah cari film aneh2 di bioskop, coba aja sewa DVD, temen saya di bandung jg, dia movie freak, hobi bgt nyewa DVD. coba aja join mailing list movie mania, biar lebih banyak dpt info ttg film2 bagus yg ga ditayangin di bioskop.

    happy hunting! ;)


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