Monday, June 05, 2006

Becoming an Amateur Photographer

Finally the final exams are done! However, I only got few days holiday since my summer course are about to begin on June 7. I went to my fitness center to have some exercise with my mom and my brother. I brought along my digital camera to take some funny pics and I got some! *grin* Firstly I took pics along the way to eX-Plaza Indonesia. I saw some people was sitting on the edge of circular fountain of Hotel Indonesia. Most of them brought canvas. I didn't see what they were drawing clearly cos I was just passing by but I captured some pics from the car.

I recognized them as WALHI community from their flags. I didn't have any idea what the heck they were doing there. I think the pic is quite blur cos I took it inside car.

After finishing my works out, I accompanied my mom to Sogo supermarket to find 'healthy' crackers. She wanted crackers without yeast. I don't know why. And this label attracted me so much!! So interesting!! :D

Great Taste. Devil's Food. Chocolate Cookie Cakes.
*LOL* I love the tag! Caution: this is devil's food. Don't eat it, okay?
I was wondering why they sold it at human's supermarket.

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