Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tired, Exam, Casting call

I spent last night at Sabine’s house to study in group with Anggita and Jono. Four of us were studying Clinical Pathology together until 9 pm. Jono didn’t stay for that night since his house was nearby. It was bloody tiring! I slept at 1 am and woke up at 5.20. Yet it was fun though; cos I thought if I were home I was gonna sleep and watched TV most of the time. *grin* Sometimes we were gossiping *LOL* but one of us did remind to get back to the track ^.^

It was Sabine’s mom bday! She is a great chef! Hehehe… She cooked macaroni scottel and it was sooooo YUMMY! *slurp* I ate a lot and told her I’d get fatter ASAP. *LOL*

I had lab test first at 10 am and I was really upset! I can’t do it! *sob* I forgot how to determine blood grouping related to its so-much-that-I-can’t-remember tests list. Reverse grouping, cross match mayor and minor, antigen/agglutinin test, Coomb test…ahhhhh!!!! *scream* I hate it!!! It was so convoluted!

Next round, paper test. Ugh, it had 50 numbers to be done but I was just able to complete less than 20! For the rest, I was using my feeling and hoping for my luck in guessing the answers. How pathetic! I didn’t expert in Leukemia and guess what, 14 of 50 were asking about it! -_-‘

BTW, someone rang me right before I started the exam. She asked me to join a casting for TV presenter on May 31. I did remember long time ago my cousin had talked to my mom about this and asked for some pics of mine. She told me that new local TV called Nusantara TV was about to on-air and looking for some TV presenter to host some programs. I don’t really put a high expectation for this since there are still a lot of pretty girls out there. But who knows? I’m seeking for part time job at the moment. (to buy a MacBook! *LOL*)


  1. Deeviiii
    ujian td gatot niiii...
    mati gw ujian td. masa ga lulus???
    strez strez strez
    eh moga2 bs jd presenter yaaa...
    tapi DIET!!! hahhahahha
    ga denk.. makan2 y klo diterima

  2. iya sama, gw juga ga bisa :(
    tinggal mengharapkan hoki huhuhu...
    rese lo bin, iye deh mo diet nee...
    sip2 eh makan2 klo da gajian, bukan diterima doank, ntar gajinya kecil lagi, bangkrut gw traktir2 makan hahahaa....

  3. Way to go gurl!!! You've got a great voice =D

    -ale xx


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