Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get well soon, Oma...

My granny went to hospital last night because the complication of edema, dyspnea and hyperglycaemia. My grandad took her to RS. Pelni Petamburan along with Tante May and Zergio. First she was put in ECU (Emergency Care Unit) then moved to Melati room 410 at 10pm. Hopefully she will get well soon. I still remember the day she looked after me at hospital when I suffered DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever). My mom wasn't able to stay at the hospital all day cos she still had two little sons to look after at home. My granny was so patient and full of compassion to me. I really wish I could look after her at the hospital by now, just like the way she did to me. Maybe I'll visit her tomorrow.


  1. devii..
    istilahnya dokter bgt sehh.. mntang2 calon dokter.. hahaha..
    anyway, hope ur grams get well soon =)

  2. haha...yup2..thanks yah...kyknya mesti ke amrik dulu neh for some times, da lama ga pake inggris as 2nd language :p LOL..


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