Saturday, May 20, 2006

Final Exams, MacBook, and Jobs

It's Saturday, but it's not like other Saturday cos my final exams are up ahead! *hiks*

Beginning on Monday, May 22 by Parasitology and closing on Friday, June 2 by Microbiology. I'll do my best (for sure!) to get the best results in order to maintain my GPA (which was going down last two semester). But somehow I just can't stop my procrastination when it goes to study stuffs. *sigh*

Summer course (in Bahasa, we call it "Semester Padat") will be held in the mid of June to the end of July 2006. I'll be taking part of it since I want to fix my bad marks on some subjects in last semester. So there will be no summer holiday. That's okay, cos I don't push myself too hard though, I just take 2 subjects. I can still have my holiday to be precise :D

My boyfriend told me about MacBook few days ago and I was like "Oooh my, I want this thing!" The white one I want is cost US$1299. What a lot of money rite? Ughh...that's why I need to get a job or something that will give me a lot of money to buy it. I'm not obsessed with MacBook, oh NO, I'm just dying for it! *LOL*

It was really hard to find a part-time job which fits me for all. I was seeking for painless, less hard, less difficult and big salary. What kind of job it would be? ZERO. Well maybe it does exist, but needs a big invest. I don't have any money to invest... But then I think about other thing I can do to get some money; WRITING! Yes, writing! I used to write articles and short stories when I was high school, maybe I can try it again. Simply type my idea and send it to magazines. Yet another obstacles' coming through. Some magazines require specific topics which I'm not capable of. I'm not gonna try to be buffy cos trust me, it'll never make it. Eventually, life ain't easy rite? But I will never give up! NEVER! Somewhat, someway, someday, I'll get what I want. Yeah. Cos a mind is a terrible thing to waste! I believe I can, I think all of u should do the same way too. *wink*


  1. Good luck in finding your part time job!

    Tapi jangan cerewet2 dev ... haha gimana seh nih anak, cari yang nggak kerja fisik, nggak tralu banyak pake otak juga tapi gaji gede. Gw lempar ke kali deh lu. Bener yang lu bilang musti invest dulu, tapi ini kan kita baru mulai bow. Anyway, nulis buat majalah ato jadi presenter TV sound real great! Pokoke wish you all the best! Percaya deh kerja part time elu cape susah sengsara juga bakal berasa puas dan bahagia .. hehehe.

  2. haha...galak neh si rhani..ok deh..
    sip la..


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