Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Casting Experience

I was cast this morning after exam. It was held in REHOBOT Hall at Carrefour Building 5th floor, Duta Merlin. I didn’t wear any fancy clothes; simply light green polo shirt and jeans NOR make up! *LOL* I don’t really keen on make up since my face is marked by pimples! *ugh I hate it!*

I was a bit confused to find the place (cos on the phone she just said shortly “Carrefour Building 5th floor, Duta Merlin”) yet I rang and someone told me about Rehobot Hall.

When I got into the hall, it was really –out of my expectation– quiet. There were only 5 people in charged; my casting caller (Sisca), 1 cameraman, 1 unidentified man (Gatot, probably he’s Mr. Producer), and 2 women that had same name! (Lidya) One explained me about the format of the talk show I should presented and the other one…err…unknown job list :p No one were in queuing –I mean– I thought it was like Indonesian Idol; lots of ppl and waiting for hours. That’s why I bring along a magazine and water. Well just in case…

They allowed me to practice once and then I had to present an opening of talk show (no script! Only in my own words which makes me keep repeating a word again and again *LOL*) when the camera rolled on. I was thinking once if I were a famous presenter, I wish to have my own show like Oprah but naahh that’s way too far, I don’t think I’m good a presenter anyway *grin*

Overall, that’s just it. A short one cut to take and away. My feeling? Relieved. It was just my casting experience –the first one– to be a TV presenter. I’m not expecting too high upon the result (they said they would announce it later) cos they told me about the talk show’s schedule; everyday (Monday to Sunday) at 5 pm and LIVE! In addition, the studio is located in Bekasi. HELL NO! Maybe big salary will change my mind (above IDR 300,000 per episode) but I have no idea. I won’t get through traffic jam for hours, rush Jakarta-Bekasi everyday and get exhausted during weekend for cheap salary! I’m not that kinda girl. I’m not that crazy seeking for popularity as well. I just want to have a part time job so I can raise money to buy MacBook.


  1. Wow... cool! At least u have that experience while I don't have any... Btw, why don't u try to cast as a co-host in "Metro Kampus" on Metro TV?

  2. maybe I'll try someday. hehe..thx..


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