Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogging is boring?

Last week I was shocked with my net-friend’s comment when I asked him to visit my blog.

“I hate blog. Why should I read someone’s daily life? I just don’t get it why people love reality show like Big Brother? I don’t wanna know what someone’s doing all day, what he had for meal or watching him took a shower. Such a crap”

Precisely he didn’t mean my blog was boring, but explicitly he mentally said NO to reality show. I won’t argue with that cos everyone has their own interest in variety. I just want to clarify a statement which I think too judgmental. Blogging is not always about someone’s daily life. It’s true that blog is like an on-line diary. It can be your personal journal, depends on the purpose of blogging of the author. Sharing opinion about what you’re expert in or interested in. For example, Erik Tapan, MD’s blog which provides him space to share his knowledge in medical stuffs. Ari’s blog didn’t tell me what he did all day. He posted gadget or electronics stuffs most of the time cos he’s hi-tech buff! :p As well as Erika’s blog, where she shared her latest drawing which was so beautiful! So it may leads me to the conclusion that blogging is not boring! :D


  1. blog is boring? hahaha...tapi kok ngeblog mulu dev? =P bwahaha... btw, gud lak yah jadi dokternyaa...

  2. kan yg blg boring bukan gw, reg..
    ok deh, tengkyu ya, lo jg sukses
    buat sma nya ya :D

  3. Hmmm... my comment is SALAH BESAR klo blogging is useless! Walaupun kadang2 kita males nulis, blogwalking is such kinda fun thing. We can get more informations from someone's blog. Not only their day life, but also their thought about some issues from all over the world, and some interesting things that we don't know before. In conclusion, I Love Blogging! Hehehehe


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